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Tech Pac
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The Tech Pac is the first backpack tool bag designed for professional service technicians.

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Veto Pro Pac\’s Tech Pac is Veto\’s first tool backpack tool bag designed specifically for professional tradesmen who need to climb ladders or walk long distances on a daily basis.

Designed to enable the safe and comfortable transport of a variety of tools when servicing equipment accessible by extension or cage ladders, or in cities or industrial buildings where walking long distances is required, the Tech Pac features Veto Pro Pac’s patented center panel, heavy duty construction and stabilizing injection molded waterproof base that keeps tools dry, even in the nastiest of conditions.

With 46 pockets inside and out, the Tech Pac has ample room for hand tools, meters, parts boxes, cordless drills and impact drivers, as well as other bulkier items such as manifold gauges, hoses, cable wires and even a tablet. The backpack features an innovative quick release handle that allows easy access to the larger tool bay compartment and reduces the strain on the shoulder straps unlike any other backpack bag.

The Tech Pac’s patented center panel design offers dual bays with two tool storage platforms in each bay. The center panel design with the main tool and meter storage options on each side centers and stabilizes the backpack. The Tech Pac, either when closed and ready for transportation, or opened for quick and easy access, is uniquely designed not to tip over unlike most backpack bags.

It also includes D-rings, bit extension and memory stick pockets, stainless steel tape clip and a 7\” X 10\” pocket for a tablet or laptop; fits small laptop or most tablets.

The TECH PAC is also made for comfort with a thermo-formed EVA padded back panel that helps cushion the load (which also provides structural stability), a padded load displacing shoulder strap system with multiple adjustment strap points and an ergonomic TPV rubber grip.

“The most difficult assignments for tradesmen are those where you need to climb a ladder or haul tools over long distances.  You need to be able to carry all the tools you are going to need safely and comfortably,” said Roger Brouard, founder of Veto Pro Pac and the designer of the Tech Pac.

Brouard added, “We wanted to see first hand how tradesmen in the field deal with those conditions, so I spent weeks with them on the job observing them – from looking at OSHA standards of three points of contact on ladders, hauling tools up with a rope, to the need for a backpack that would fit through cages and stand up when being used, to a backpack that is comfortable and won’t get wet when placed down in wet or muddy conditions. This product is the result of those observations and the resolution to those challenges.”



  • Width: 13”
  • Height: 18.75”
  • Depth: 9”
  • Weight (empty):  10 lbs.


  • Vertical Tool Pockets: 46 interior and exterior tool pockets of various sizes
  • 2 Storage Bays- 4 Storage Platforms
  • Manifold Gauge and Hose Storage Pocket
  • D-Rings: 4 large and 5 small
  • Outside Mounted Stainless Steel Tape Clip Holder
  • Cable and Accessory Pockets
  • Pocket for a tablet or laptop is 7" X 10"; fits small laptop or most tablets


  • LOAD TESTED: PULLED TO DESTRUCTION AT 830 POUNDS (Handle failed); Hook failed at 200 Pounds
  •  Weatherproof Base: 3mm Injection Molded Polypropylene
  • Weatherproof Body Fabric: 950 and 1250 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon
  • Weatherproof Tool Pocket Fabric: 1800 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon
  • Quick Release Metal Hasp: Allows Easy Access to Rear Storage Bay and Creates Positive Shoulder
  • Strap Load Connection
  • Internally Stored Aluminum Hook to Hang Bag
  • Over-Molded Ergonomic Grip
  • Padded EVA Thermoformed, Ergonomic Back Padding
  • Zippers: Double Stitched, Heavy Duty Plastic Coil Zippers with Oversized Zipper Tabs
  • D-Rings: Powder Coated Steel
  • Rivets: Marine Grade Rivets
  • Stitching: Industrial Strength Double Nylon Stitching


  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Tablet/All-Purpose Zippered Pocket
  • Warranty: 5 Years (see Veto warranty terms and conditions)

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 18.75 in

Tech Pac Backpack Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac Tool Bags Product Care and Maintenance

Keep the Zippers Clean & Lubricated

Over time, dirt and grit will “clog” the zipper coils preventing them from staying closed. To keep this from happening, clean and lubricate your zippers twice a year (more often if you work on a job site with a high amount of airborne debris). To clean the coils: Scrub them with soapy water; a tooth brush works very well. After scrubbing the coils, blow them out with an air hose to dislodge any other fine grit that didn’t dislodge with the brush. To lubricate the coils: Apply a silicone spray, beeswax or a zipper lubricant.

Protect the Zippers From Sharp Objects and/or Excessive Heat

Any sharp object or heat source is capable of permanently damaging the zippers. Once a zipper coil is cut or singed the zipper will not function and in most cases is not repairable. Most of the cut zipper coils we see are the result of sharp tools stored inside the bag with the sharp side facing up. Make sure to keep the sharp edges of your tools facing down in your bag and away from the zipper coils.

Don’t Overstuff the Bag

Overstuffing your tool bag will very likely cause significant stress on the zippers that is above and beyond what the bag was built for and will eventually cause the zipper(s) to separate. If you have to work hard to close your zipper(s), your tool bag is most likely overstuffed… proceed with caution!

Download The Product Sheet of Tech Pac


Reviews (147)

147 reviews for Tech Pac Backpack Tool Bag

  1. cisco

    Went from AWP to a CLC and
    Went from AWP to a CLC and now to Veto tech pac. Just buy it man and see for your self. VETO quality !

  2. G. Todd Rice

    Originally I purchased this
    Originally I purchased this for installation jobs but found it too large to be stuffing it into crawl spaces or tight attics. After rearranging some tools and doing some bag shuffling. I found it to be perfect for servicing condensers and rooftop units. I carry a set of Testo gauges in it, 15 tubes of leak dye, UV light, UV glasses, 2 cans of Super Seal, Psycrometer, Thermometer, Vacuum hose, and a boatload of other stuff. Clip on the MB and you make ONE trip from the truck and I can use BOTH hands on the ladder now.

    This is my forth Veto, and like all of them you must pick the right bag for the right task. Once you do you will wonder how you lived without this product. The only issue I am having with my Veto bags is I am finding they are a lot like potato chips, you can’t stop at one.

    Now if Rodger can come up with a portable stool to attach or fit into the pac it will be perfect! 😉

  3. Avdoctor

    I’ve owned lc,xl,ltxl, now
    I’ve owned lc,xl,ltxl, now condensed to a XL and tech pac. Tried another orange backpack while suffering through waiting on the tech pac to hit the market. Holds all of my various tools and test equipment for: audio/video/networking/telecom/cctv/fire alarm/security/access control. Very nice padding, strong zippers. Go get it gone.

  4. Elevator Man

    It’s hands down the best tool
    It’s hands down the best tool bag I have every had. Some of my techs want to buy too.
    This tool bag will be the only one I ever use.

  5. Billy T

    I own an XLT which gets a bit
    I own an XLT which gets a bit heavy when you have to park 3 blocks from a jobsite with a 6 story walk up to look forward to. This bag solves that. I only have to take one trip to accomplish just about any task thanks to my Tech Pc. Thatnk you Roger and Co for the excellent product.

  6. shylton05

    This is the best tool bag I
    This is the best tool bag I have ever owned! I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I got it. It’s worth every penny.

  7. Jimbo

    I repair cooking equipment
    I repair cooking equipment for a local theme park, and I have to say that the Veto Pro Tech Pac is the most AWESOME tool bag on the market BAR NONE!!!!!!!!!! With the ability to hold everything I need for a trek across the park, it makes it super easy to get the piece of equipment back up and running in a short time. Because of its design, I can carry every tool I need on my back, and carry parts in my hands. There is no equal when it comes to quality either!!! Just for laughs, I weighed my tech pac with tools in it…….35 pounds!!!!! As an avid backpacker and hiker, that represents a lot, however…Veto Pro has made it so that it doesn’t feel that heavy on your back and shoulders. Last but not least….that old adage comes to mind “you get what you pay for” and with Veto Pro, you get it all!!!! Comfort, quality, durability, organization!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!!

  8. Dirty Frank

    great back pack. if you take
    great back pack. if you take your tools home every day, or even if you’re on a big site and leave them in the gang box. it’s heavy, but it’s comfortable and after a day or two of lugging it around you don’t even notice. happy I bought it. if you can afford it… do it!

  9. Andy

    A perfect bag. Tough,
    A perfect bag. Tough, comfortable, lots of compartments. My only complaint is I tend to over stuff it (cuz I can) and make it too heavy. Plus I now have to buy one for each of my techs because they are always staring jealously at my Veto.

  10. Bob in Minnesota

    I have had my Tech Pac for
    I have had my Tech Pac for almost three months. The tools and supplies that I use for most voice and data service calls are readily available. The plastic base was a nice feature recently as the back pack had to be set in the snow temporarily. I don’t use the back pack feature very often, but it came in handy the other day and saved me a trip back to the truck as I was able to carry everything else with my hands and arms. I had to use the warranty recently as one of the plastic clips for the large flap broke. I received a replacement bag and shipping label to return the original bag within a few days and a followup call to confirm that all was well.

  11. Webby9123

    With out doubt the best tool
    With out doubt the best tool bag I have ever owned, everything is easy to access, and fits in perfectly. Well designed and thought out by people who know.

  12. Elevator Tech

    Its a good toolbag for an
    Its a good toolbag for an elevator tech ,comfortable ,heavy duty ,lots of pockets for large and small tools . All they need to add is wheels and a retactable handle and BAM ! It’s the greatest toolbag ever .

  13. Philip

    I’m very impressed with the
    I’m very impressed with the quality and construction of the bag but extremely disappointed with the majority of the small and tight pockets that serve no purpose. I am an electrician who works in the commercial field and although I do have a lot of tools this bag does not even hold half of the tools that my last bag accommodated. They need to make the pockets deeper and more flexible and also make the bag more expandable as it fills up with more tools.

  14. Ref/HVAC Guy

    This is the same quality bag
    This is the same quality bag as all the other veto bags. Strong, durable, water resistant, etc. The problem for me is several things. First, the layout of the pockets. For the tools I carry as a HVAC/R service tech. the pockets are frustrating and could be designed way better. There are maybe 10 small pockets on the top of the inside of the bag that from the pics look like you can fit nut drivers and screwdrivers in. However, let me assure you, you can’t fit anything of any practical use in them.

    There is also a space at the bottom of the bag that will end up being a tool graveyard. I guess thats a problem with all the veto bags. Not that big of a deal I suppose.

    On the other side of the bag you have several larger pockets. Why not make the pockets like the L.C? They are made out of a cheap mesh fabric and will not last. From the pics it looks like they are designed to carry 2-8 multimeters. Plus a set of gauges. Do techs carry more then one multimeters these days? There are tons of meters out there that do it all. No need for all that meter space. And what HVAC/R guy is going to fold up his gauges real nice and put them inside the bag? It makes no sense.

    The last issue I have with this bag is the size of it. It’s way bigger physically then the L.C. The picture don’t represent this bag clearly enough.

    My advice to someone looking to purchase this bag is to see it in person first. Or just go with the L.C

  15. klemmm1868

    By far the best bag I have
    By far the best bag I have ever owned. All the hand tools I need and then some. My bag weighs out at 39 lbs and it doesn’t even feel that heavy. The backpack style really splits the load nicely. Will never own another bag other then a Veto

  16. Jarredsdad

    I bought the Tech Pac before
    I bought the Tech Pac before returning my XL for warranty. The first thing I did was to attach my Jug Lugger strap to the large D rings for another carrying option.

    You will not fit up an enclosed ladder with this on your back.

    I’m still moving things around to different areas for ease of access and find that some things get “lost”. Tools can migrate from one side to the other if loose in the bag.

    Also, the flaps don’t like to open fully. Which is due to the super sturdy construction so I can life with it.

    Over all, I like it but might go back to my XL now that it’s back and I have that option.

    Would I buy this again? Definitely YES.

  17. DTyrrell

    I had tried a backpack style
    I had tried a backpack style toolbag before and it just didn’t work. It was bulked, it wasn’t comfortable to carry on my back, and didn’t stand very well. I was skeptical about the Tech Pac, but a co-worker loved the LC bag, and I saw a bunch of great reviews here so I plunked down the money.

    So far it’s the best bag I have owned. I can’t quite carry everything I need, but I can take all my tools in one trip. The bag is a bit heavy, but that was to be expected when filled with tools. It fits comfortable on my back, and even with the weight to it, I don’t really notice the weight on my back. The handle is very sturdy.

    The ability to turn the front half into a little work shelf has been great. I can pile a couple tools I need along with some small parts and just carry it from task to task.

    I would highly recommend this bag to anyone. It frees up your hands by carrying the bulk of your tools on your back, and you can still carry a ladder and your drill case. Or at least I can!

  18. SwitchTrack

    The Tech Pack is well
    The Tech Pack is well outfitted. It practically has everything you would need to successfully tackle any job. Dual compartments with a vast number of pockets. The sides are riddled with an abundant number of loops and brackets for those ready to use tools. I currently have Veto Pack MB with an amp meter & DMM with all the appropriate leads attached to the side. (Thanks for the promo Veto) As it stands right now, I have every tool I need with room to spare. I only say “Practically Everything” because I lack the ability to crack a beer because it’s not outfitted with one of those sweet Veto logo church keys.(hint hint)
    The Tech Pack is made to last. It’s made of thick durable, double stitched Nylon with a plastic base. Like a back pack it customizable to my figure. The kicker with the Tech Pack is, at the end of every adjustment are Velcro wings to conceal them. It is particularly convenient not to have a bunch of straps hanging off flailing around waiting to catch on a piece of equipment.
    I work with number of other technicians who wheel around these bulky tool carts through corridors and service elevators, who laughed when I ordered this back breaking tool bag. I have to say that Veto engineered the load out of it. Each strap is well cushioned and wide so the weight is dissipated. In addition to this is the back pad is outfitted with this thick cushion like lumbar support to make for a triforce mount. I can’t help but smile every time I hear a tool cart rumbling through the halls and get a glance at those rickety wheels.

  19. dcard414

    I used to carry two bags. A
    I used to carry two bags. A Klein Tradesman backpack for my hand tools and a Fieldpiece Large Instrument bag(briefcase style) for my meters. Everything I used to carry in those two bags, I now carry in my Veto Techpac and then some. So, now: I’m carrying one less bag, that bag is MUCH more comfortable, holds more tools, is better organized, and is a hell of a lot more durable.

  20. texas

    Great tool bag. I used to
    Great tool bag. I used to have a tool box and all my tools from it fit in this backpack. I had it for 2 months and so far it’s the best bag I’ve had. I did my warranty for it which is a 5 year warranty . (Tech pac)

  21. Nordic Mariner

    Two years ago, as I was
    Two years ago, as I was stepping off a boat that I had worked on, the shoulder strap of the tool bag I owned at the time broke.
    In a “Hollywood” movie manner, time suddenly slowed down and I saw my back hit the edge of the pier, turn upside down, empty most of it content in the ocean before falling itself into the bottom of the ocean. More than $1,200.00 in tools sank in some 25′ of water.
    You can only imagine what a blow that was to me. It wasn’t only the monetary loss, but also the time that had gone into acquiring all those tools.
    I felt that my morale had sank with the bag and its content.
    That night, I recognized that the first thing I needed to replace was the bag itself and there was no way I was going to compromise the quality of the new bag.
    I started the search by typing in the web browser “the best tool bag”.
    After some research I found the Veto Tech Pac. It was quickly obvious that I had found something very unique. Just a glance at the bag, told me that I was looking at the “Mona Lisa” of tool bags. Everything looked solid, well thought and engineered; it was “perfect”.
    Now two years later, my bag is still as sturdy as it was when I first received it. I wouldn’t change it for a new one, even if offered free.
    As a company, we have adopted the tradition to give our technicians this bag as a birthday gift.
    On behalf of half dozen marine technicians, I want to complement the Veto Pro Pac team on an outstanding product and thank them for making the transportation of our tools easier and more secure than ever before.

    Jyrki Auvinen
    Nordic Marine, Inc.

  22. Moynihan

    I was waiting until I had
    I was waiting until I had some more time using the new pack to review it. I can start with the downfalls, the weight is a bit more then other packs I have tried. That’s it.i found it to be better balanced once loaded and sits better on your back. I found good places for all my tools and yet had room to spare. I haven’t broken my new inspection mirror in a month and a half of work. Very pleased with the purchase.

  23. Fix it Dave

    I am an HVAC serviceman
    I am an HVAC serviceman and I just got my backpack two weeks ago. I find using it simple and a great way to stay organized. I was using a five gallon bucket before mainly to get tools on the roof. I use a lot of ladders that have the cage around it. I can either put it on and use it or just rope it up. I feel this bag will be just as important to me as my meter is. Thanks for the product.

  24. Huckleberry

    This pack is what every tech
    This pack is what every tech needs. Well crafted, durable, and carries’ everything. They have made a pack that is tailored to a techs daily routine. Only regret, I didn’t get it sooner.

  25. Big D

    This bag is the best I have
    This bag is the best I have ever owned in 19 years in the field. Multiple trips to the van are eliminated. To be able to put a set of gauges in the front area is great. Yes, it does add weight to it, but the ability to put it on your back and climb a ladder makes it worth it. No more pulling up tool bags with ropes (and the possibility of dumping it halfway up!). The only downside is the pocket arrangements could be better. Many could be deeper and some more smaller, tight fitting ones would be helpful. Other than that, it is great.

  26. JParisi

    I finally broke down & got
    I finally broke down & got the Tech Pac. I’ve been using a big tool backpack for a couple of years now, and believe it’s the way to go. The Tech Pac is better than I thought it could be. It stands up with opened flaps, so grabbing tools is so much easier. I didn’t think it would be big enough but am surprised it handles all my stuff.
    Don’t put it off. Just get it. It puts a little more joy into working. We all like that.

  27. HVAC guy

    This bag is well thought out
    This bag is well thought out and built great for HVAC work. My only complaint is the front pouch for hold a/c manifolds is a little small if your using digital gauges. Other wise perfection!!!!

  28. Mark

    Bought this Tech Pac after
    Bought this Tech Pac after needing something with enough storage to keep me going back and forth
    to my service van. the bag is of superior Quality. there is enough room for all the basics and then some…
    the bottom base keeps it from falling over witch is great.
    fits comfortably on your back and can be adjusted for us big guys..what else is there to say?…5 year
    warranty,great customer service….home run.

    Thanks Vito.

  29. presseaultcp

    This bag is the better than I
    This bag is the better than I have buy.
    Ce sac est le meilleur que j’ai acheté.

  30. Casey

    I stumbled on the pro pack
    I stumbled on the pro pack searching the net for a tool bag back pack, at first sight I was intrigued. What a amazing pack it seems to have everything I was looking for in a pack. I’m a journeymen insulator and having the abity to move with ease and not sacfice leaving tools behind in gang box is a huge assets.
    It’s been the first week useing the pack and it has surpassed my expectations by miles. It looks great and feels awesome to carry. Lots of my co workers and other trade come out and just have to take a look and ask questions. If your in the market to buy a back pack tool bag this is number 1 with a bullet don’t look no further make the investment the dividents will pay for its self.

  31. Geary at ORD

    The Tech Pac is the best tool
    The Tech Pac is the best tool bag that I never new I needed until I got my hands on one. I have been an aircraft Line Maintenance Mechanic at O’hare for over 13 years and have always struggled with carrying tools from one gate to another to work on aircraft. The Tech Pac also provides a much better way to organize my tools and I am more efficient at my work. I may even be saving the company money by not having to use one of the trucks to lug my tools from gate to gate. Thanks once again for a great product!

    Geary C. O’hare Intl, Chicago, IL

  32. Steel Certified

    Excellent tool bag. We have
    Excellent tool bag. We have used Veto pretty much as a standard for the new tool issue at our steel mill. We recently installed some large conveyor systems and this bag has made me much more efficient. I really like the hook.

    The only negative is when you have to climb through a ladder with the guards around it.


    Broke first week before
    Broke first week before registration was even complete. Pin on handle fell out. Had to ship bag back. Never got any information about free bag offer. No idea when or if warranty is going to cover.

  34. Mr. Inc

    Have been waiting for this
    Have been waiting for this bag!!! I’ve had the LC bag for about 7 years. Great bag! Not so fun to walk across a mall roof with. Love the back pack. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks and can find nothing I don’t like about it. My neck and back have been thanking me.

  35. Ray Jackson

    I’ve only had the Tech Pac
    I’ve only had the Tech Pac for about a month. It seems sturdy and well built. I noticed the label had the all-too-common “Made in China.” I found this very disappointing. I’m sure Veto would say they make them in China to keep costs down for customers, but this bag costs more than twice any competitor’s tool bag. I’m sure they’re made in China to increase profits for executives and stockholders. I hope this is the last tool bag I ever need to buy because I don’t know if I’d buy another Veto.

  36. Jonnie Be Good

    I started out with the model
    I started out with the model LC tool bag that I have had for several years now. I wanted a tool bag that would be easier to carry up/down stairs and ladders since I work on industrial overhead cranes. I made the mistake of trying another back pack tool bag from a competitor, biggest waste of $75.00!! The only way that bag would stand up is if it was completely zipped up. I will never waste my money on inferior tool bags again!

  37. elevator Constructor

    Looked all over and finally
    Looked all over and finally this bag carries all of the basic set of tools that I normally carry in a bucket bag but with a major difference easier access, with better balance.
    Best bag ever and already have another guy I know getting one after he saw mine set up. Sold him

  38. chris

    i have alot bags ive bought
    i have alot bags ive bought over the years because i never could find just the right one.well now i finally have!!! this bag is amazing i have everything in it i need hand tools,impact driver,right angle drill,fitting boxes and more.had backpacks in the past but they cant stand up and couldlt fit alot.i overstuff this bag and its fine.great product

  39. Avalanche Appliance

    Ive been looking for a couple
    Ive been looking for a couple years now trying to find the perfect back pack tool bag. This pack is awesome! Tools organized where I can almost not lose any. Little places for sockets and drill bits. bigger places for electrical. Absolutely love it and my customers all think its super cool as well! Thanks guys!

  40. SLCSR

    I’ve seen their tool bags in
    I’ve seen their tool bags in the past, but when I saw the Tech Pac, I had to get it. I’m a gaget, tool guy and a neat freak this pack just make all that better!!!

    S L Charles Sr

  41. Stone

    I’ve had a number of tool
    I’ve had a number of tool backpacks of the yeas and this one is the best so far! Most break down after about a year but I’me sure the contruction of this one will allow me to use it for many years.

  42. Dmax32

    I really like the concept of
    I really like the concept of this bag. I love the fact that the bag stays upright and can sit on a wet roof. I do have issues with the access to the tools. There is also no way to keep wrenches organized which I use about every day. Most of the pockets are to small and it would be awesome if I could put screw drivers in their own pockets. I feel that most of the slots are a waist of space and I can not even fit control screwdrivers into them. Also I am on the larger size 6’4″ 245lbs and the straps a very tight. There is no way I will be able to use it as a back pack with winter cloths on. I have been using the bag for about a month and so far I am not happy with it. I wish I did not spend $250 on this bag. Glad I did not throw out my old bag. If I could attach pictures of the issues I would.

  43. Cadius

    I purchased the Tech back
    I purchased the Tech back pack with a lot of skepticism due to its price. It took me one day out in the field to love it. I’m a medical repair technician and have to be very mobile to go from building to building, and HVAC bags are as close as i have ever found to myu field. Greatest tool bag I have ever had. I dont think i can ever go back. Other technicians are in love with my bag now too.

  44. kyle G

    love this bag so much I got
    love this bag so much I got it as a birthday present it’s the only bag I use now other than my meter bag that is also a veto

  45. Gallo Pizon from Cali

    I’m on the HVAC trade and
    I’m on the HVAC trade and have to deal from residencial to commercial, from tight attics to 30 + ft high vertical ladders with the annoying metal safety cage, and since I start using my Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac, life is been so easy, I can carry my tools with me, with out the need of pulling them with the rope to the roof. Can get the job done with out those extra trips to the truck. This back pack is just awesome, effort and time saving.

  46. JRob

    Only a couple complaints. For
    Only a couple complaints. For that much money I should not need to buy a tape strap. Too many pockets on top of each other, when you fill one up the two attached to it are useless. The bag is big enough and nice enough this was not necessary. Last complaint, they need to add more drill bit/chuck holders to the outside of the bag for quick access. All that said, I’m pretty happy with this bag.

  47. Ross Restoule

    I am a HVAC technician in
    I am a HVAC technician in Canada. It snows and rains while i work inside and outside of expensive homes. The bag is great to protect my tools and helps me to notice if tools are missing.. Everything all in one bag for service and installs. I also see guys from work buying other companies tool bag 2 to 3 times per year while my bag is still in great shape after a year of use. I also own a tech lc and a tp3. The tech lc i gave to my dad and he will not let me have it back! Saw the milwaukee backpack at homedepot and emailed Veto to laugh about it. I then received a call from Roger himself thanking me for the recon! What a great company.

  48. Coffee Tech

    I carry lots of tool in my
    I carry lots of tool in my bag and it was getting to heavy for my shoulder and just had my hip replaced on same side , was looking for something to even out weight . Found the tech pac , watched video and like the bag . Was not looking to spend that kind of money for a tool bag but there is not out there for back packs that can carry many tools . Have bag not for 2 weeks and it better then I thought . Well worth the money , you wan’t find anything better , no matter how much you pay

  49. deelowsho

    I bought my veto pro backpack
    I bought my veto pro backpack at a local hvac supply store in Florida. When I arrived I found a group of guys drooling on my bag.Several techs was checking it out and I said that it is a must have if you want to be productive and efficient on a daily basis. Bottom line is get this bag and it will make life much easier.High five to Veto pro pac again!!! My four bag a loyal customer.Keep emergency coming!!!!

  50. Bender

    I upgraded from the tech LC
    I upgraded from the tech LC to the tech Pac. Awesome tool bag! Well built, and holds everything you need for daily service calls on commercial hvac equipment. Keeps two hands free for climbing ladders, or carrying that extra meter or laptop bag. Very comfortable on the back. I could have done without the chest strap, it would’ve been nice if it was easily removed. However, a few minutes with the seam ripper, and it’s a non issue. Love this bag! I’ve used other brands of backpacks in the past, all have broke in some way after a year or so of use. Love the 5 year warranty veto has. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it. If your on the fence, take it from me. Give this bag a try. You’ll be glad you did.

  51. ColmD

    Heavier than expected but
    Heavier than expected but that’s quality build. Always wanted a tool back pack that lasted longer than a month.

  52. -eldorado-

    I had been watching tool pacs
    I had been watching tool pacs for some time before my Tech Pac. My wonderful wife and kids gave me the Tech Pac as a gift.

    For my comparison, there is another tool pac in my shop. A black and orange one. You know, the Calvin one. The two pacs are not even in the same playing field! The Veto is by far a more superior tool. I feel bad working on the same project as the other guy. The other bags DO NOT measure up!

    I am the facilities manager for a 12 acre private school with just over 300,000 square feet of building space. I have always struggled with having the right tool with me for everything that comes up. After a couple of months with the Veto, I have got it pretty well dialed in as to what I need in it. Much fewer runs to the Campus shop. As a GC for eight years prior to my current holdings, I wish this tool had been in my kit.

    I have expressed my level of appreciation as this; THIS tool (Veto Pro Pac), ranks at the top along with my truck mounted generator, The 32′ articulated lift, air powered tools, and cordless impact driver.

    Thank you Veto!

  53. kennyvank

    I have been in the trade for
    I have been in the trade for 10 yrs and 3 different trades this bag without a doubt is the most comfortable and organized bag I have yet to buy having used the warranty yet and hope to never have to

  54. Sniffer

    So I previously had another
    So I previously had another backpack from a competitor (Klein) which subsequently failed (zippers came apart) which is why I looked at the Veto equivalent

    If I`m being honest it wasn’t my first choice, for while I wasn’t gonna buy another Klein as I felt a little short changed I felt the Veto was overpriced so I initially looked at a Milwaukee backpack. Its a third of what I eventually paid for the Veto and is way better thought out than the Klein so I was tempted


    I saw the Veto and had a look through it. This thing is so well made (SUPER strong) and very well thought out with lots of pockets which arent immediately obvious that I decided to give it a whirl despite the price tag

    Once I got it loaded up with my tools I was happier still, I found it well proportioned with generous pockets (only small gripe might be that the small pockets high up in the compartments could be a little longer as they’re designed for really short items it seems)

    One of the main advantages I find is that the wide base means it stands up which makes accessing the tools/pockets from the front and rear soooo easy. By contrast the Klein was horrible in this respect, it would topple over all the time and everything was jammed into the centre facing each other which was much harder to find and organise

    I was apprehensive of the metal quick release handle that clips on/off to allow access to the rear compartment. I put my most used tools in the front section but on those times when I do have find something in the rear section I don’t find it too much of a hinderance

    One area where the Klein did have an edge was the lock point built into the zippers, the Veto doesn’t have this but there is sufficient room where the tab attaches to the zipper to place a lock.

    Another area I find weak is the front open pouch which is designed for manifold gauges etc, I`d like to see deeper sides as I tend to use it for smaller items but its not bad and is miles better than the Klein which had no sides at all (allowing everything to fall out)

    Overall I`m happy with it and despite the high price tag I`d buy another but I`m hoping that the military build quality means that I won’t have to for a long time……..

  55. Rpauls930

    I had a CLC bag for about a
    I had a CLC bag for about a year and it was falling down already. Heard about the veto bags and wanted to try it. So far the bag is awesome it is always standing up right and easy to get into. I like the back pack to keep my hand free and all the weight is not on one shoulder. It also makes it easier to go up and down ladders. The only thing I wish it has was a strap with a hook to put tape onto. Definitely worth the money for it.

  56. Mike Mo

    I just received this bag from
    I just received this bag from my father in-law as a birthday gift and I could not be more happy. The functionality alone of the bag is enough of a selling point to get me excited but I couldn’t believe the build quality. Every material feels like a top-of-the-line material; solid, strong, and durable. It’s nice to be able to put all of my tools needed for a service call in my backpack and keep them with me, on my back, instead of carrying a clumsy regular tool bag around and setting it down every time I need two hands to do something. I look forward to carrying the Veto Tech Pac and see myself using more Veto products in the future.

  57. Chris N

    I have been in the HVAC field
    I have been in the HVAC field for 20 years this year. I have been through about a half dozen bags in that time. I started out with the old Klein Leather Electricians bag, that I still use at home, then the AWP and CLC, Susie B. Homemaker edition bags, then to a Klein Back pack and finally to the VetoProPAC. I still use the Klein back pack, but it doesn’t hold as much stuff as I need to carry as the VetoProPAC will hold. I love the new Tech Pac1, but I really wish they had installed a tape/Teflon roll on the outside, something I will need to do apparently. Also, I carry several screwdrivers and nutdrivers, two 10″ adjustable wrenches, one 8″ adjustable wrench, side cutters, dikes, crimping tool, meter, clear safety glasses, stubby screwdriver and nutdriver, etc….I found that I need more deep pockets for the screwdrivers and less for small bits like 1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″ chucks for my drill. I agree that you probably won’t carry your gauges in the front compartment. I use the 72″ hoses and I know they wont fit in there. I put my small parts box in that compartment and it fits fine until you lower the flap of the first zippered compartment, then it falls out. Otherwise, great bag. I have another VetoProPAC that I bought several years ago that has been discontinued that I use outside work and it still going strong, zippers are great, nothing ripped yet, I think one snap has fallen off, but I don’t use it regular enough to send my whole bag back and risk not getting the same thing back.

  58. FIG

    It would be an AWESOME custom
    It would be an AWESOME custom backpack for instrumentation techs that carry our Toughbooks and meters plus slots for a few terminal drivers and other tools.

    I own several VETO bags, love them all.

  59. Emory Burch

    This is the bag you’ve always
    This is the bag you’ve always wanted. If you’re comparing backpack tool bags stop! Trust me. I’m an electrician and have studied other backpacks from Klein, Milwaukee, etc. (I’m a study bug when it comes to buying things like this. So, those of you who do the same, I’ve already done it for you!) I went ahead and bit the bullet and dropped the $240 on this bag. Never looked back, never regretted it. I’ve never had a stand-up tool bag and once I used it I couldn’t figure out how I got by with out it. This bag’s capacity, rigidness, layout, durability, and anything else you can think of blows the competition away. The material and stitching is second to none. The harness system is ingenious. The strap that holds the front compartment open to make a shelf is actually more useful than I thought. Once again, don’t even blink at the price. If you settle for the competition, you’ll always wonder what life would be like if you had gotten the VETO PRO. Totally worth it!

  60. Adam

    The quality of veto’s
    The quality of veto’s backpack is by far superior then any other on the market , has made the job much easier and helpful.

  61. Artisan

    In my line of work we need
    In my line of work we need tools from all the trades; carpentry, plumbing, electric, as well as a boat load of our own HVAC gear. My tech pack is 48 pounds all loaded up. It amazes me every day how it holds all the tools I need for installs. I used to carry in a large AWP bag with a sling. The backpack feature allows me to carry all that weight so much easier. On top of all that it is easy to keep organized, which also keeps me from losing tools by quick visual inspection of what’s in the bag.

  62. Glenn

    Bought a Tech LC and loved it
    Bought a Tech LC and loved it,i go through bags about once a year trying to find the right one. The Tech LC was the first one where i put things back in there place.
    The only problem was the weight i was putting in it, and where i was working, so the decision was to get the Tech Pac.
    The Tech pack is awesome, the weight in it isn,t a problem, it is comfortable to wear when walking around on work sites.
    Everything where it is meant to be.
    After sales service from Veto is brillant, had an issue and it was solved with an email overnight

  63. Ozzy

    Have always been a fanatic of
    Have always been a fanatic of keeping my tools organized. Always was frustrated that other back packs wouldn’t stay upright, and snowy/rainy conditions tools weren’t kept off ground. After seeing your product on YouTube and the Internet was determined to get me one for HVAC service work. Even though the weight of it was extreme compared to other back packs Rodgers design with the hinged support bracket impressed me on how it relived the weight and brought it up to the upper back shoulder area. My hats off to him and his product. I plan to get a MC bag to try out with my HVAC installation tools and a MB bag. I’m very impressed with your customer service on responding to questions and concerns when my tech pac was taking forever to arrive. I wish more tool company’s were like you and I will recommend fellow employes and friends about your product. I would really like Rodger to possibly consider designing or demonstrating on YouTube featured videos on how Veto HVAC bags could be used for HVAC installation tools.(tin tools, hammers, etc.) Even possibly with the tech back pac, keep an open mind and great work on your product.

  64. Pat the Controls Mastermind

    I’ve been a controls
    I’ve been a controls technician coming up on 7 years now and I have tried out around 5 other bags. None of them could compare to the quality of design and organizational capabilities as this bag. I literally carry all of my tools my laptop a set of control prints a network switch three cat 5 cables my multi-meter a bag of screws/wire nuts a box of resistors. I still have room for more. Everyone in my company talks about my bag. I rant to anyone that comments about it. Its not only a time saver its durable as hell. Buy one. Thats all that needs to be said.

  65. Adam S

    So I found this bag at one of
    So I found this bag at one of my vendors, I fell in love with it. I install garage doors so for the most part I only wear the bag for about 5-10 minutes at a time(Fully loaded my bag weights about 60 pound). I had two bags It would carry before. I was able to get both bags into this tech pac. I has kept me a little more organized and neat. My tools are always easy to find. The price is the only down side to the bag running around 250. But the way I look at it my bags used to go through hell and back I would have to replace one about every 6 months(50 a pop). If this bag last 5 years then ill be even. But honestly this bag has made my job easier from start to clean up. If I had to pick a down side to the bag is the “Shelf” Or so they call it I wish it was a bit more ridge, I often use it to hold my keys and my phone, but anymore weight to is and it will dip. This by no means it worth marking any stars down. Truly with out a doubt the best bag I have owned. I have owned more then I care to count. If you have the money and your looking for a great bag you need to look no more you have found it.

  66. dan electrician alberta

    Was not sure if i wanted to
    Was not sure if i wanted to spend this much but now that i had it for a month i know it was worth every dollar, love the bag

  67. DaveFazari

    Thanks for making such a
    Thanks for making such a great bag! I have had a bag that could hold everything i need and still be comfortable to move around! All the guys want one after seeing my new Tech Pac!

  68. volume2

    This is a great bag, used it
    This is a great bag, used it for about 2 years now. It’s my second veto bag. Backpack makes it easy to carry around effortlessly for those long walks. Bag is extremely sturdy and still looks new. Only downside would be the weight of the backpack itself and a slightly smaller option would be great. I’m hoping veto pro pac releases a line of small tool belt pouches in the future!

  69. Joe D

    Went from a CLC backpack to
    Went from a CLC backpack to this bag, and trust me there is no comparison. Best tool backpack on the market hands down

  70. G man

    This is a very well made bag
    This is a very well made bag that is built to last. Very very comfortable and easy to get on and off. Loaded with tools mine weighs 31 lbs but feels like 15lbs. I’ve had a tool back pack before that held all the same tools and weighed the same but felt much heavier. I like the tape strap inside the bag and the hook points on the exterior sides of it too. The chest strap is awesome too. I haven’t used it yet but the hook is pretty cool, especially how it stows away. The rear pouch area, the portion that is closest to your back, is a really neat design.

    What I dislike is the zipper started skipping teeth when being zipped up after only 2 or 3 months. It hasn’t got to the point where I can’t just re-zip it and everything works fine but I know what lies ahead for me. The main pouch area is nice but the front flap doesn’t fold down far enough to easily access the lower storage areas or the bottom of the bag. Speaking of the bottom of the bag, I’m not sure if it was designed to hold anything or not because it’s nearly impossible to. You can’t see what’s on the bottom let alone grab it. The pouches in the main section against the back wall are way to deep. I have triples or quadruples of all my tools in different brands and sizes but those pockets are too deep to hold needle nose pliers, side cutters or wire strippers for easy access. You have to sneak your fingers in there to pry them out. The very top pouches are so close to the top that getting even 3 to 4 inch tools in and out is a pain.

    With all of that being said I will probably continue to use and buy this for years to come. Hopefully it lasts 4-5 years considering the price is quite high. But it works well and doesn’t beat me up carrying it around all day so its all worth it.

  71. Nothingbutveto

    Going from the XL tech bag, I
    Going from the XL tech bag, I’ve found the Tech Pac after about 3 months of use to be a pleasure to have on the job. From boiler installs, pellet stove installs to heat pumps and everything in between Veto keeps my tools and equipment organized and dried. From the hard bottom to the hook on the back when your in the muck and can hang it up. You can’t go wrong.
    Thanks Veto

  72. electrician WI

    Had the bag for almost a
    Had the bag for almost a month now, no job to big for this thing. Holds everything I have right now and still have room for more. Great product spend the extra money to buy this bag vs any other.

  73. Timmy Boy

    This Pac stands on it’s own,
    This Pac stands on it’s own, is virtually water proof, has pockets everywhere and is perfect for my use in the fireworks business. This is my third type of Veto Pro Pac bag and I will use nothing else. My oldest bag has served me very well for over 10 years now and you would think it was purchased last month! The owner of this company must have a lot of experience in the trades as he has addressed everything that is needed at a reasonable price.

  74. eazaudio

    Veto makes the BEST tool tool
    Veto makes the BEST tool tool bags (and now tool backpacks!) on the planet!!! I am a 30 year veteran of A/V automation installations industry. I have used (and Love) many Veto products. But this one (for my industry) is the best thing since “sliced bread” !!! 😉 Well done Veto!!

    “Engineering done right! is an ART form!!!”


    All other bags I bought
    All other bags I bought before this were damaged quickly. I needed a rugged bag that would hold a lot of tools. This is it! It makes my job so much easier, and it’s nice looking, to boot!

  76. Monster

    When I bought this a year ago
    When I bought this a year ago my wife nearly had kittens. She has since realised its value for money. It’s more comfortable than anything you’ll find. It’s strong, rugged and still to this day as clean as the day I bought it. I know your thinking “but it’s expensive”. Trust me. It’s the best you’ll ever get and worth every penny.

  77. Matt

    Bag is extremely well made. I
    Bag is extremely well made. I work as an electrician around central London and sometimes have to move around. Did a half mile walk with it on my back today and had little issue with it. I can fit a whole host of tools in it including: 9 different size insulated screwdrivers, 2 files, hacksaw, two pairs of water pump pliers, set square, tape measure, chalk line + chalk, jr hacksaw, chisel, hammer, impact driver, cordless drill, 2 18v batteries plus a whole host of other tools and fixings etc.

    Well worth the money and with the 5 year guarantee you really can’t go wrong.

  78. Dale. C, Louisiana

    When I entered my HVAC career
    When I entered my HVAC career, I was introduced to Veto and instantly bought the Pro Pac. It has been a life saver keeping my tools secure and organized. The Pro Pac allows hands free climbing up ladders and is built strong enough to handle the punishment endured throughout a days work. I have had it for seven months now and it still shows no signs of aging. Thanks for a great product, Veto!

  79. Jason in Raleigh

    I used an AWP tote bag for a
    I used an AWP tote bag for a very long time and decided to go to a back pack. I tried the Hilmor and the Klein and I was not fully satisfied with either. I decided to fork out the money for the Veto and I have no regrets! I love how it stays standing up even when it’s open. Just be prepared for your fellow co-workers to clown you over the price if they are not aware of Veto quality.

  80. Stuart Scott

    Kept looking at the Tech Pac
    Kept looking at the Tech Pac thinking should I, shouldn’t I for an age. Finally took the plunge, best decision I’ve made in a while. Great bit of kit and finally got me to clear all that rubbish out of my toolkit that might/never came in handy over the years. Can’t recommend this bag enough and the MB2 promotion just puts a tin lid on it. Happy days!

  81. Gary

    I’m a maritime electrician
    I’m a maritime electrician and I can be anywhere from the top of the mast to bottom of the bilge or in any of the numerous cargo holds on a typical day and with this well organized bag it makes the job that much easier.

  82. Jonathan

    Its a great bag that fits
    Its a great bag that fits everything from install or service that my coworkers no longer bring their tools to where ever we are working. Fits 2 drills, sheet metal snips, left and rights, every hand tool, refrigerant tools fit in small pouch, guages, everything. Weighing 42lbs fully loaded, no longer pulling tools up with rope to buildings with vertical ladders, perfect. $260$ was a well worth spent value on a tool to carry my tools evert day. People saying its to heavy should probally eat a steak and run up a hill. Its a great essential tool i use everyday. Not waisting time on site to walk back to truck to grab 1 or 2 things because its a back pack you have 2 free hands and all your tools. Also your ballance is centered as you move.

  83. Will Casey

    Working as a refrigeration
    Working as a refrigeration technician I always found myself making additional trips to gather additional equipment. Now, with the Pro Pac I make one trip to diagnose/service. Bag holds a Testo 550 and 3 hoses with no problem in front pouch. Holds the two temp clamps in front zippered area plus assorted hand tools. Back zippered area holds service wrenches, DMM, clamp meter, M12 impact, and drill bit pack. Plenty of well laid out ,zippered pouches for miscellaneous stuff.

    The only thing I would consider an issue is the fact that most of the pouches are made from neoprene or something similar. Anyone who’s owned a wetsuit knows how delicate that stuff can be. Would really like an HD version with the same material as the exterior of the pack.

    Overall this is the only pack I would purchase. The others on the market aren’t worth consideration. Well done, Veto.

  84. Justin Tafoya

    Excellent pac!!

    Excellent pac!!

    Love it to wreck shop banging hvac!

  85. Tom

    Long time Veto customer, this
    Long time Veto customer, this is my first Tech Pac. As a Commmercial Hvac Service Tech I’m constantly climbing ladders or walking long distances and it’s great having my hands free. It’s comfortable to wear, love that it stands up and has plenty of well laid out compartments for all my tools. This back pack blows away the competition, great job Veto!

  86. Jon W.

    This bag is without a doubt
    This bag is without a doubt the BEST air conditioning bag on the market. I have it set up for both installs & service work and can complete job from beginning to end without constantly having to go back and forth to my truck. Has a hook on it that works great for commercial roof systems and fits easily in tight spaces. I have gone through a couple different bags and I promise you that this is hands down an amazing bag. Great work!!!

  87. COH

    This new bag rocks, its got
    This new bag rocks, its got lots of pockets and best of all it doesn’t sag when you set it down. The zippers on my old Klein backpack were the weak link as were the seams that tore out. This Veto is made very well and is well thought out. I wont buy any other brand from here on out. I was shocked at the price at first, but after using it for a few weeks I now see why its more money. You get what you pay for. You will not be disappointed.

  88. glennhvacman

    I’ve been buying VETO bags
    I’ve been buying VETO bags for almost 10 years now. Started with an XL closed top, then the LC closed top when it came out, added an MB, upgraded to an MBII when it came out, and now my favorite the TECH Pack backpack. The backpack i so much easier to lug around for blocks in downtown Chicago. Single strap bags have slowly dislocated my right shoulder from the weight, but with the backpack that’s no longer a problem. Plus the quality is amazing. I used to replace my tool bag every year when it would fall apart, but I have gotten many years out of each VETO bag I have owned.

  89. Cody

    Still very new to me but i do
    Still very new to me but i do like it when having to climb latters to roof tops but you do have to be careful to how much stuff you wanna put in it because it can very heavy.

  90. Tim H

    one of the best tool bags I
    one of the best tool bags I have ever owned best decision I made was buying this bag….

  91. AV and security work

    I work on roof or on a bucket
    I work on roof or on a bucket truck daily and sometimes just have to work away from the truck for long periods of time. Wanted a bag that could carry all the tools I need and this bag is it. It’s definitely worth the price when you see how much time it saves you from making multiple trips to grab tools that couldn’t fit in any other bag. We all know that the less trips you make and quicker you get the job done then the more money you will make. I only have to take this bag on the bucket or on the roof and don’t have to worry about making another trip to the truck. So spend the money for this bag and save even more money during the work day.

  92. Daniel Vargas

    I bought the tech pac and I
    I bought the tech pac and I never want to see the back pack I use to carry my tools in, you will be thankfull you don’t have to dig through your bag to find something you need. The only regret I have is that i didn’t purchase the parts bags.

  93. Anonymous

    Best tool bag ever. They
    Best tool bag ever. They could charge double for this bag and I’d still buy one.

  94. rebelbaseball12

    This is a must buy bag. Yes
    This is a must buy bag. Yes it’s more expensive than other bags but it will pay for itself very shortly. I work on a bucket truck and on roofs so I needed something that could carry everything that I needed. This bag was the one that could take care of all my needs. I can carry all my hand tools and both my driver drill and impact. Once I’m up on the roof I have no need to come back down till the job is done and with less trips it takes me less time to finish a job. Less time to finish = more money.

  95. Oklahoma Kid

    If only…I woulda got my
    If only…I woulda got my Veto backpack sooner, it would have saved me a bunch of frustration.
    I started off with big box store 18″ tote, then went to the Lineman’s brand orange backpack (which is nice for $99 but it always flops over)
    Now I have the Veto Backpack and have been happy ever since.
    Veto tool bag stands up, sits upright every time. Which allows you to spin your tool bag around for easy access to each side.
    Not cheap, not light, but you will not find better tool storage for the service tech anywhere else.

    Is it perfect? I am sure each individual service tech will have his or her pros/cons on any tool storage device made.

    But you will not find a higher quality, field tested, tool storage bag of this magnitude anywhere else.

  96. Joshua Parrish

    I’ve had my Tech Pac for a
    I’ve had my Tech Pac for a month now and I love it!! It def catches eyes when other tradesmen see it. High quality and very durable. Veto has won me over.

  97. H.Stutts

    I have been in the service
    I have been in the service and repair industry for better then 40 years and space has always been an issue. Being able to balance storage space on my service truck is important having the tools and parts you need to keep everything running. With the Veto tech Pack it gives me just that! I replaced 3 project bags with just this one and didn’t sacrifice anything to get the job done. I love the back pack feature it frees up my hands to carry parts or refrigerant. It was money well spent for sure!!

  98. chrisspurs

    Working at Toyota Motor
    Working at Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Texas down time is critical. Whether it be process design, install or maintance. Even with size of the place space is still at a premium and so is time. The difference between having the right part or tool with you and not having it is almost life or death. Having to cover the long distances inside the plant eats up a lot of time, especially when it’s on foot, and if you forget something back at the shop 15 to 20 minutes gone in a snap, but at Toyota, it seems like a year. Thanks to the Veto Tech Pac back pack worrying about and time spent on personal tool inventory and organization is no longer and issue. This thing is a life saver.

  99. Tech58

    I replaced the Klein Back
    I replaced the Klein Back pack with this and is absolutely worth its weight in gold. I read tons of reviews that the Klein would fit more tools and perform just as well. That was my mistake not only did this fit all my tools that were in the Klein (which I had full to the brim including dead spaces and also bags stuffed inside), but I added drill a bit case and a subcompact impact and a magnetic tray and everything zips without struggle and is much more organized. Thank you Veto! this is a thought out product and is incredible.

  100. Tim46

    I have used a lot of
    I have used a lot of different brands of tool bags in my 18 plus mining years and I can tell you this is the best made tool bag I have seen. Yes it is expensive, but well worth it .

  101. JG

    I just purchase the Veto Tech
    I just purchase the Veto Tech-Pac and believe it to be a good choice.
    I would like to see this same consept done for journeyman welders who constantly work away from home. This market is very limited with poor options, from what I see in your inventory I’m sure something good can be done. Often times working in confined areas or elevated areas this backpack seems very easy to handle. Furthermore many jobs are restricting workers from bringing their personal tools, this idea brings flexibility for craft workers in making sure of having all necessary tools to ensure good quality work.
    I’m excited to receive my backpack and look forward in your new line of products.

  102. Hvac_artisan

    My wife bought me this bag
    My wife bought me this bag for an anniversary gift. I’ve been wanting it for a long time. My tech lc bag was great and is still used for my ac install stuff. The tech pach is so comfortable to carry even my wife has carried it for me on large volunteer projects and was impressed at the ease of carry despite the 50+ pound weight. Customers comment on the bag all the time, this bag is the ultimate in efficiency and durability, presents a professional image, and keeps stuff organized. The D-rings allow me to hang my mb-1 bags off the sides or a small jobsite radio. All that plus the backpack carrying means it saves at least one if not 2 trips to the truck.

  103. heavyonthemr

    Purchased my first veto bag a
    Purchased my first veto bag a month ago and absolutely love it and now know why my wife can get so excited about a new purse. I have used and used up many other backpacks with multiple zipper, strap and pocket failures, this pack feels as though it really will hold up. Also tool organization is a breeze and i never have to run back to my truck for a tool that just wouldn’t fit right in the pack. I hope to purchase some of the other veto bags in the near future. Keep up the good work VETO!!!!

  104. HVAC i like

    i have a KLIEN, MILEAUKEE &
    i have a KLIEN, MILEAUKEE & CRAFTMAN tools backpacks .. each serve their common purpose .. then i purchased the VETO tech pac .. in my opinion, the rolls-royce of tools backpacks .. the only thing this veto backpack needed was “24 ct” gold trimming .. they say people judge you, by your education .. in the world of hvac, you’ll be judge by your experience, tools knowledge & accessories .. I highly recommend this veto product!!

  105. TommyP

    Just purchased a TECH PAC, I
    Just purchased a TECH PAC, I think it will be a big improvement over all previous tool carrying solutions I have tried. However, I think there could be some improvements for those that deal more with electronic service such as Wireless/Data/Telcom/IT/Security. I believe the top half of the front pod could be better designed. Most of that will be wasted space for me. The number of driver bit holders is excessive, especially since there are others on the inner pod (where the driver/drill is actually stored). They really can’t be used for anything else. Also, there are a couple slide in pockets in that area, but don’t have a lot of practicality. What I feel it needs is some tool pockets for smaller tools such as small diagonal cutters, wire strippers, small needle nose pliers, etc. This style of tool gets lost in the other pockets. Also wish it was made in USA…
    I am sure this will last me a long time…unless you come out with something better!

  106. Connor

    The quality is pretty good,
    The quality is pretty good, but the zipper broke fairly recent after i bought it. The 5 year warranty is good until you realize you have to pay to have it shipped across the country instead of a pre paid package being sent to you, So unfortunately its quite a hassle. Ive had to switch back to a cheaper and much older bag which has served me better because of this.

  107. Calum McKinlay

    Self employed heating
    Self employed heating engineer. Everything where I need it, when I need it. Robust in design and amazingly practical. Has saved so much time servicing gas appliances. @mckinlay_calum

  108. Jeremie Boule

    I wanted this backpack since
    I wanted this backpack since the first time i saw it. I got it for christmas and i am in love with it. I would recommend it to anybody.

  109. Jacob Lejeune

    Veto Pro Pac products are the
    Veto Pro Pac products are the best on the market for the roughest and toughest technicians!!!! This is by far the best bag I have ever laid hands on. It’s one of the smaller in size but has more room than the others I have owned. I keep multiple screwdrivers,open end wrench set long and stubby, Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact with charger, crimpers,stripper,cutters, 3/8″ SS tubing benders,1/4″ SS tubing benders. Although we shall see how well it holds up in the long run being I work out in the Gulf Of Mexico, yes probably one of the harshest working environments as far as keep tools and tool storage in good conditions. The salt atmosphere is not a favorable condition for any type of equipment. I will update once the bag makes it 6 months and again at a year .

    Although I definitely recommend this bag to any technician whether offshore or inland .

  110. FTAX215

    This is by far the best bag I
    This is by far the best bag I’ve ever owned! I’m an hvac tech and I carry a lot of tools in my bag so I don’t have to make multiple trips to my van while on a job. Obviously my bag gets pretty heavy to lug around all day long. I’ve tried the Milwaukee bag, Klein bag, Lenox bag, CLC bag and none compare to the Veto Pro Pac. The 56 pockets help me keep things very organized even when I’m crazy busy. The durability is great. The way this bag distributes the weight of the tool is unlike anything I’ve owned. I love my Veto Pro PAC!! I would not trade it for anything! It’s worth the money especially with the 5yr warranty, you can’t beat it.

  111. Jim

    After owning a CLC bag, Lenox
    After owning a CLC bag, Lenox bag, Klein bag, AWP bag I decided to finally get the Veto Pro Pac and it was the best choice I’ve made by far. The way this bag distributes the weight of all the tools I carry is second to none. I’m able to keep organized on the busiest days. I love this bag, I would not trade it for anything. The durability and 5yr warranty, It is definitely worth the money!

  112. LarryA

    I learned about the TECH PAC
    I learned about the TECH PAC from a coworker. The design is great for hand tools and keeps everything organized. If there’s anything that I would change it would be the depth of some of the upper pouches. The ruggedness of the bag is a big plus and the fact that it stays standing is nice. I would definitely recommend it.

  113. KG

    The best tool bag I’ve ever
    The best tool bag I’ve ever had.
    Thanks !

  114. Kevgowing

    Wanted a good tool bag so I
    Wanted a good tool bag so I didn’t have to run to the garage every time I needed a tool. Also wanted the ability to use my tolls outside of the house. This bag is pricey compared to the Milwuakee bag or others but I have tried a few and this bag is worth it! Great build quality and great pockets to organize. This bags pockets are actually useful where as the Milwaukee pockets were too small to really be useful. Also love all the D-rings and the tape holder! Love the heavy duty handle! Also it seems crazy and maybe it is due to the rigidness and the strong handle but the bag feels lighter loaded with the same tools than it did with the ilwaukee bag, and the Veto empty actually weighs more!

  115. Tony Dean

    I travel a lot as a FIFO E&I
    I travel a lot as a FIFO E&I Technician to Oil, Gas and Mining sites, and tool security through airports and various sites was always a problem until I purchased the Pro Pac, now all my tools arrive at their destination and stay secure when I work on sites. I can easily carry as a backpack and a dream
    to carry on smaller light aircraft and helicopters when reaching remote destinations.

  116. djones

    great quality, less than
    great quality, less than great planning. any tool over 6″ in length just flops around in bag. no accommodations for screwdrivers and wrenches.
    an insert would solve this problem….free idea. it’s yours…have at it.

  117. Atilla

    Got fed up trying to carry
    Got fed up trying to carry round various bags/cases…and struggling. Decided to bite the bullet and went for the Tech Pac as we have to visit high street sites so plenty of walking. In that regard, the Tech Pac is first class. Very well made and robust fastenings and clasps, zips etc. The quality of material does add weight but this really isn’t noticeable when wearing it. The moulded foam back prevents any digging in from the tools within.
    You can get quite a few tools and gadgets in the bag but sadly, a lot of space is wasted. The pockets in the top half – on both sides are of little use. Too small, too close to top of case. Far better to have a couple of large, loose pockets for bulkier items to be kept in with easy access.
    The front flap also doesn’t come down far enough. Always struggling to find tools in the bottom pockets.
    Happy enough with it but can’t help feeling it could be so much better, design wise.

  118. Rob Lopez

    This bag carries just about
    This bag carries just about every tool needed for HVAC definitely every tool needed for a diagnosis replacement of motors I gain access to most roof hatches without taking it off but if I do have to take it off the handle is durable and I have room to carry rope so I can pull it up thru the hatch I love this bag and can’t wait for the TP4 to be shipped out to me (as part of their spring promo) for quick fixes and diagnosis calls I love my veto

  119. Aaron – Elevator Man

    This backpack is awesome! I
    This backpack is awesome! I call it my Van. It carries everything I need to troubleshoot and repair elevators. Its very comfortable for climbing stairs, ladders and for walking long distances between calls. Now for the constructive criticism, there are small pockets inside that are quite tight and don’t hold much of any use for my trade, and I wish there was velcro on the outside to allow application of military style patches. Great bag, go buy one!

  120. Muad Alabbadi

    I recommend this amazing tech
    I recommend this amazing tech Pac because it saves time, organizes mine tools and saves me room in my van. I stopped losing my tools at job sites after I purchased this. Thank you Tec Pac!

  121. Dave Foster

    Being a Gas Safe Engineer in
    Being a Gas Safe Engineer in the U.K. This bag is perfect for my service kit bag. I have many other bags having discovered Veto 4 years ago.
    I have tools in one side with test gear on the other. My test gear from analyser with probe to multimeter and volt tester all fit stood upright including my Premier Regin Manometer.Tool side is all organised as you would expect from any veto bag. Front pocket holds my report pads with no issues although the company I work for is meant to be paperless.
    As a service bag it’s brilliant only down side is the bit pockets are next to useless unable to fit what I would like in them as to tight otherwise great work on the bag again Veto and it even has a small table.
    Would I buy another one if I required it yes.

  122. Randy’s Heating

    This is not my first veto PAC
    This is not my first veto PAC , this is not my first back pack, I rocked a clc for over 5 years before the zippers gave , I loved the clc PAC , veto put that tech PAC concept on steroids!!! This pAc is great , it was given to me as a gift from the owner of a very large hvac company in California, absolutely impressive , now some may say the cost of the PAC is high but ,, but if you look at how much $$$$ I carry in tools in that PAC there is no comparison, if I outfitted that tech PAC with new tools the tools alone will run a little over $1500 before tax , with technical tools that I carry and the job I preform , why would I even consider throwing them all in a two dollar bucket? Well done veto well done!!

  123. Carroll E Harris

    Great pac !

    Great pac !
    We have 2 in the company now & are very happy with everything.
    Plenty of room.

  124. paul2112

    this is my first tool bag I
    this is my first tool bag I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I love it so far and from the way it is built it will been my last if you can afford it then I would say buy it!!!!


    Never gonna buy a cheap bag
    Never gonna buy a cheap bag again. Im sold on veto pro pac tool backpack! Plenty of room, doest fall down when bag is opened. Doesnt get wet on a roof with the high base. Good quality!

  126. Ross Tripoli

    The best bag I’ve owned ever.
    The best bag I’ve owned ever. I had to file a warranty claim and the new bag came super fast. My only concern was the new bag was redesigned because my inner pocket configuration changed along with the materials used. So far though it’s holding up perfect. Everyone asks about it and i tell everyone they should get one.

  127. EAyala

    Hands down best tool bag ive
    Hands down best tool bag ive owned. Easy access to all your tools, no digging and bag stays standing every time. Just hands down best bang for your buck. Definitely worth every penny.

  128. Alessio LaMantia

    This is ABSOLUTELY the best.
    This is ABSOLUTELY the best. Try to see. Never tryed something like this. For sure, I will buy someother equipment of this series soon…

  129. Greg Jaramillo

    Highly recommend this bag.
    Highly recommend this bag. Great purchase! Definitely worth the money.

  130. Chris G

    After seeing my bag and how
    After seeing my bag and how it functions, four of my coworkers went out and buy their own. Great bag.

  131. Marlyn B

    Love this bag. So much room
    Love this bag. So much room

  132. Aaron E

    I’ve had my Tech Pac for
    I’ve had my Tech Pac for several weeks now and absolutely love it. The quality of the materials leaves no concern for immediate wear and tear. I am expecting this pac to last a lifetime.

  133. Joe Fala

    Veto bags are hands down the
    Veto bags are hands down the best bags money can buy. They are perhaps, the best, most well designed and durable bags ever! My Tech Pac has officially dethroned my berries (as in twig’n berries) as the most important sack in my life. Admittedly I have three kids already and do not require the berries any further. But, to say the least, they are very important to me. It’s a testament to just how valuable Veto Pacs are. Originally I thought the price was a little extreme; I soon learned that it was a great deal.

  134. Rated 5 out of 5

    RandyMadrid (verified owner)

    Ive used husky bags, Klein bags, milwaukee bags and Veto is lightyears ahead of any brand available. Theyre construction site tough and can handle any beating you throw at them.
    I can fit way more than i thought possible in the bag AND i have room to spare! The intuitive design is heaven-sent for an electrician and I cant believe ive gotten on this far without it. Thank you so much, Veto Pro Pac. You have a customer and advocate for life.

  135. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is THE bag to have for service or install or both. I, myself, am in the HVACR industry and had tried the other brands. I was always disappointed, the other guys’ bags were light duty at best. My Tech Pac has been through the wringer, so much so that I had to take advantage of the “Zero Downtime Warranty “. True to their word, Veto sent out a brand new loaner bag while they fixed mine. All at no cost to me. That says a lot. They may cost a bit more but they are worth it!!! Thanks Veto!

  136. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my first vero purchase and man I was not disappointed. I currently own this, the tp3, the tp4, an mct, and the mb2. The only reason I purchased the others is because of how impressed I was with the quality of this bag. 3 years later and this bag is still kicking looks almost new as well. It’s my rooftop service bag so it sees a lot of use.

  137. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had the V1 Techpac, and my only concerns were the bit storage pockets were small and not very useful, and I felt they could have added more pockets/dividers. I had some stitching on the shoulder strap begin to come undone, and Veto promptly replaced the bag with the new version. The V2 version solved all my complaints, and really showed me that they listen to feedback from their customers and greatly value customer service. I LOVE VETO PRO PAC!

  138. Rated 5 out of 5

    Morgman4 (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with this pack. This backpack seems near ballistic. I enjoy the number pockets in this pack. I personally wish I was able to carry my code book and such more easily. However, this pack is not made for carrying books. The colors are gnarly. The metal zippers are sturdy. Great pack and I am sure it’ll last a while.

  139. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bought my Tech Pac 3 years ago going on 4, and has been threw every single kind of environment (rendering, muddy, rainy, snow, ice hail, extreme heat, etc) and it’s still in one piece. I use my backpack 6-7 days a week, I’ve been a industrial electrician for 8 years so I owed several backpacks and non have lasted more than a 9 months or so. I carry all my meters, wire tracer, megger, hot gloves in the strap side pocket and I know they are going to be safe. The outside pocket i carry the usual hand tools screw drivers, channellocks, side cutters, wrenches, etc. Its a little heavy but for a good reason, comfortable when walking long distances or climbing platters. Only complain I have is the tiny little pockets it has on the strap side pockets, to small nothing can really fit there, wish they made them deeper or something different that can be put to use. Besides that 100% best bag out there, nothing comes close to this bags by a long shot. When this one goes out I’m guaranteeing to buy another one.

  140. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joseph Nolan

    I have only had the bag a couple of weeks but it has been great. The last backpack didn’t stay organised and sometimes it even toppled over which is so annoying. The joy of this bag is it stays upright with both sides open which means I can see the tool I want quicker.

  141. Rated 5 out of 5

    cirigod (verified owner)

    Got this baby for my job and I must say I’m loving it because I got my everyday tool nice and organize instead of using a tool box where it’s hard to find what I need. This bag is a beast.

  142. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my first VetoProPac. I was shopping in a Lennox Parts Plus store and they were running a promo. Taking in the different features and design I was convinced this may be the last bag I’ll ever need. Very sturdy design that uses a solid metal handle and straps to support over the shoulder carrying without stressing the straps.

  143. Rated 5 out of 5


    My buddy and I just bought one each and they are the BOMB!!!!!! I have always used either a tool belt with suspenders and had them on my hip or a large tool bag with a single shoulder strap and always struggled with bumping into things as I was caring from truck to work location. I now just put it on my back and don’t worry about bumping into things. I have had other backpacks and they could not handle my work load and the shoulder strap would break in a month or so. Thanks for an amazing tool backpack. I get comments all the time from other trades (jealous) asking where and how much. I tell them “VETO Tech Pack! It’s the best tool case you will ever buy!”
    Keep up the good product.
    Thank you!

  144. Rated 5 out of 5


    Fantastic bag. Made to the highest quality. Once you go veto you never go back !

  145. Rated 5 out of 5


    As with many tradesmen, i’ve had more tool boxes/bags, etc than one could care to recount. The Veto tech pac is the best bag with the most value for service. It has held up the best. It is the complete package for service work. It is an investment well worth the price. It is one i recommend the most whether one is an install tech or whether one is in service. I work in life safety and in critical infrastructure thermal management on the service and calibration side.
    This bag is the best. Mine is just getting to the five year mark and has held up remarkably well. I tend to run this bag at around 40 -45 lbs and have one-armed it many times. Its seams and joints are still virtually factory-tight. I’ve roped it by the upper handle repeatedly and it is still solid as can be. The inner pouches have no punctures from hand tools, while probably every other bag i owned did fail from needle-nosed, screwdrivers, etc. Veto is bar none the best. Its large and small sections are perfect for service-oriented set of tools. It is a 5-star product !!

  146. Rated 5 out of 5

    If you are over 40 years old, READ THIS! I’m in the HVAC business. I had a hard time switching from a box to a pouch or bag, then to think of a backpack for my tools? Ridiculous. I’m in my 50’s & I thought backpacks were for the kids. I couldn’t imagine with all of my aches & pains being able or even wanting to carry any sort of backpack. Makes me think of hipsters. I saw this VetoProPac Tech Pac Backpack at a supply house & grabbed it just to check it out because I wanted to know how anyone could justify pricing a backpack that cost almost 3 bills. I must admit, the quality was very impressive to me……just picking it up & looking inside & seeing how it’s all designed & built……I knew I was holding quality in my hands. But still, I thought there was no way I would be able to carry the weight if I put all of my tools & gear in this thing that it will hold. The guys working there told me to try it & if I didn’t like it, just bring it back. Done.
    This thing is brilliant! I’ve only had it around a month & I have moved & re-arranged tools a few times, but I have everything I need for most troubleshooting service & it’s all where it needs to be. Let’s talk about weight. The way that Veto has positioned the two adjustment straps on each side to get the weight distributed perfectly is amazing. The straps are padded & are very comfortable & don’t start digging in even on a long walk, loaded down with gear. I feel like this backpack was built around me. Although the pack is heavy loaded down, the weight is distributed so evenly, it doesn’t seem heavy or uncomfortable at all. Caveat right here….I suppose I do cheat when putting the pack on…..I put it on the back of my truck or condenser unit or whatever is around that positions it around waist-level. Then I just slip my arms through, tighten the adjustment straps & take off walking. I have picked it up off the floor/ground & put it on that way & it is certainly not as easy on these old shoulders. One of my favorite features is the strap holding the “work table” steady when the back is unzipped & open. The tools I use the most are right there looking at me & I drop all my hardware on the little magnet that’s built in. The bottom & up both sides for several inches is a thick, rigid plastic of some sort, that holds the pack steady from tipping over-even when I have one side unzipped & remove a heavy driver, it doesn’t topple. That material also makes it really easy to wipe down when I get it muddy or dusty on a job. I could go on & on….There are too many awesome features to list in a review, but I am totally a Veto fan. I have taken advantage of the spring offer & look forward to receiving my free TP4B bag in May as well. I am also purchasing another pack just for my Joe Normal tools that I use on non-HVAC projects around the house. In this day & time, who offers a 5 year, NO DOWNTIME warranty? I figured the red tape to utilize this warranty would make it next to impossible to utilize, but after researching the warranty claim process, it looks totally legit and easy. Don’t expect to ever use the warranty though….this thing is bulletproof. Not one second of buyer’s remorse here…Money well spent. My hat’s off to Veto. Well Done!

  147. Rated 5 out of 5


    So many before me have said how good this bag is, but words literally cannot express just how good!! It’s a brilliant bag, incredibly well thought out and built to the absolute highest standards! If your on the fence about buying a Veto, then consider this a little push in the right direction, take the leap and get one, you’ll never look back and will wish you did it sooner!!

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