Tech-MCT Compact/Tall Tool Bag

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Compact, Yet Fully Featured Service, Repair or Install Tool Bag

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Veto Pro Pac’s Tech MCT tool bag is a compact, yet fully featured service, repair or installation tool organizer that features everything you have come to expect from Veto Pro Pac: Veto Pro Pac’s patented center panel, heavy duty construction and stabilizing injection molded waterproof base that keeps tools dry, even in the nastiest of conditions.

With 44 pockets inside and out and a center panel design, the Tech MCT has two storage bays with ample room for hand tools, meters, and a compact cordless drill, as well as smaller tool and accessories. It also includes D-rings, bit extension and memory stick pockets, and a stainless steel tape clip as well as a quick access outside pocket for drill bit extensions and small items. An over-molded ergonomic grip and a 3″ wide padded shoulder strap provide comfort for a potential load of 50 tools.

The Tech MCT follows the tremendous success of our first small, service technician tool bag, the MC. While the MC offers basic features, many customers asked us to complement the MC with a fully featured Tech Series style version that also accommodated long shank tools. The MC and Tech MCT offer technicians the ideal platform for various service, repair and installation bags, and many customers are setting up dedicated bags for their various types of work” said Roger Brouard, founder of Veto Pro Pac and the designer of the Tech MCT.

MC/TECH MC/TECH MCT Comparison Chart



  • Width: 8”
  • Length: 10”
  • Height: 14” (12" Inside Vertical Storage for Long Shank Tools)
  • Weight (empty): 5.8 lbs.


  • Vertical Tool Pockets: 44 interior and exterior tool pockets of various sizes
  • 2 Storage Bays- Hand Tools on one side; Meter and Drill Storage on the other side
  • 2 Neoprene Pockets on Meter Side
  • D-Rings: 2- 2" and 5- 1"
  • Outside Mounted Stainless Steel Tape Clip Holder
  • Quick Access Pocket for Drill Bit Extensions and Small Items
  • YKK ® Zippers


  • Weatherproof Base: 3mm Injection Molded Polypropylene
  • Weatherproof Body Fabric: 1200 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon
  • Weatherproof Tool Pocket Fabric: 1800 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon
  • 8" Electrical Tape Strap
  • Over-Molded Ergonomic Grip
  • Can Hold over 50 Tools
  • Over-Molded Ergonomic Grip
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty
  • Zippers: YKK ® Zippers
  • D-Rings: Powder Coated Steel
  • Rivets: Marine Grade Rivets

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 14 in

Veto Pro Pac Tool Bags Product Care and Maintenance

Keep the Zippers Clean & Lubricated

Over time, dirt and grit will “clog” the zipper coils preventing them from staying closed. To keep this from happening, clean and lubricate your zippers twice a year (more often if you work on a job site with a high amount of airborne debris). To clean the coils: Scrub them with soapy water; a tooth brush works very well. After scrubbing the coils, blow them out with an air hose to dislodge any other fine grit that didn’t dislodge with the brush. To lubricate the coils: Apply a silicone spray, beeswax or a zipper lubricant.

Protect the Zippers From Sharp Objects and/or Excessive Heat

Any sharp object or heat source is capable of permanently damaging the zippers. Once a zipper coil is cut or singed the zipper will not function and in most cases is not repairable. Most of the cut zipper coils we see are the result of sharp tools stored inside the bag with the sharp side facing up. Make sure to keep the sharp edges of your tools facing down in your bag and away from the zipper coils.

Don’t Overstuff the Bag

Overstuffing your tool bag will very likely cause significant stress on the zippers that is above and beyond what the bag was built for and will eventually cause the zipper(s) to separate. If you have to work hard to close your zipper(s), your tool bag is most likely overstuffed… proceed with caution!

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Reviews (87)

87 reviews for Tech-MCT Compact/Tall Tool Bag

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    HVAC Technician
    This Bag is by far the best bag that I’ve owned. I have had several bags. Hilmore open top, and Back Pack, Klein Back Pack, as well as a few plastic tool Boxes in my younger days. This bag is sturdy and very durable. Nice open pockets and every tool feels like it is in the perfect spot. No wasted space what so ever. I haven’t lost one tool and most of all I have become faster with the same professionalism and clean work. Thank you for making a working Mans tool Bag. Looking forward to upgrading all my bags to Veto.
    Well Done

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Now i have to admit, I’m a bit of a bag snob. I’ve had probably a DOZEN different bags working in the HVAC industry. And i wish i would of bit the bullet a LONG time ago and just went with a Veto like my co worker told me years ago. This bag is perfect. More so for service. In the two weeks I’ve had it I’ve had 5 customers compliment how neat and professional it looks and how organized i keep it. I use this for my service bag and i will be getting a different veto open top for my install bag. I will slowly convert all my bags to Veto as i have REALLY enjoyed working from my MCT. I will also be purchasing a meter bag to keep my Fieldpiece multi meter, Supco M500, and my Fieldpiece Dual Poet Monometer in. These bags are no joke. Spend the money and get the best bag in for any trade you’re in. I’m hooked. I’ll be a Veto bag user for life now! 10/10!!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    This bag is amazing! I used to carry tools in two Husky bags plus a storage box in my car but I was able to fit everything I need in this one Tech-MCT bag. Although it looks small, the Tech-MCT has a huge capacity and is built like a tank. It is also easier to carry than the Husky bags. It’s clear a lot of thought went into the design of this bag and it is very well laid out and uses top quality materials. I’m already looking to buy another Veto bag. Once you try Veto quality, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one earlier.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Seems to be a great bad, not had it that long or had a chance to put it through its paces. Will hold more tools than you think and really nice option to trying to dray a full size tool bag around. Buy it.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love this bag, so much space, it’s like a tardis!

    I used to carry the same amount of tools in a bag twice the size, yet still they weren’t as organised as the are in this little beauty. Honestly if you have any doubts/concerns… just try it, you won’t regret it. The external side pockets are a godsend for electrical screwdrivers and pens/pencils.

    If I had to pick any fault I couldn’t with the bag itself, the strap could do with being a tad shorter when fully adjusted if I had to gripe about something… this bag still sits quite low when carried over the shoulder & maybe it could be hiked to sit just above the waist as the bag itself is compact enough.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    Perfect bag! Perfect quality! It is a professional product.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my every day bag after deciding the tp3 and tp4 weren’t big enough for me personally, but my tech pac was too much for residential service in my area. This bag is fitting the bill nicely. Same great quality as always. I just purchased my second mct, not because my other one wore out but because a coworker had their service bag stolen. So I gave them my mct filled with older tools that had just become back ups to help them out. After a few months of using my tech pac every day i went out and bought the second mct. I will continue to buy veto products.

  8. Rated 2 out of 5


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    К сожалению, это не навсегда беспричинно просто. Не бывает абсолютно темного и абсолютно светлого. Истина где-то рядом.

    Следовательно большинство оптимизаторов занимаются серым SEO. Это вероятно, сколько их методы не так чисты и невинны, словно белое SEO, но и не используют такой грубой манипуляции, вроде черное SEO.

    Около серой стратегии вы не пытаетесь охлебать посетителей и предлагаете им действительно качественный контент. Однако вы пытаетесь получить право пред конкурентами, используя некоторые не вовсе белые приемы. Подходящий, ваши конкуренты занимаются тем же самым.

    Профессия в книга, что стандарты Google не беспричинно однозначны, вроде о них заявлено в рекомендациях. Нередко в них встречаются противоречивые вещи.

    Примем, Google является противником гостевого блоггинга. В то же дата гостевой блоггинг прекрасно работает ради генерации качественного трафика для сайт, повышения узнаваемости бренда, получения ссылок с трастовых сайтов и выхода для топовые позиции в поиске. Многие используют этот метод.

    Другие специалисты могут не предполагать с этой точкой зрения, однако здесь вышли никаких загадок. У всех свои методы продвижения и не существует каких-то общепризнанных канонов.

    Именно это делает интернет-маркетинг общий и SEO в частности такими интересными. Это игра. И разные игроки могут рисковать разные методы достижения одного результата. SEO ежесекундно меняется и правила не определены.

    [b]Link Building[/b]
    Одним из важнейших факторов ранжирования являются ссылки. Грубо говоря, чем больше других сайтов ссылается на ваш и чем они качественнее – тем более высокими могут находиться ваши позиции в поиске. Именно могут фигурировать – никаких гарантий в SEO нет. “Который такое SEO-продвижение? Это ссылки.” Именно беспричинно считают некоторый вебмастера и владельцы сайтов. Отчасти они правы и без ссылок ничего не получится.

    С точки зрения белого SEO ссылки должны начинаться естественным образом. Вы создаете качественный контент, людям он нравится и они делятся им, размещая ссылки на других сайтах. Только эта учение мало утопична, особенно ради молодых и малоизвестных проектов.

    Фишка в часть, сколько в одних тематиках свободно получать ссылки, а в других практически невозможно. Поэтому многие современные методы построения ссылок находятся для пограничной черте между черным и серым SEO. Даже некоторый мировые бренды, сайты которых вы посещаете ежедневно, грешат нечестными методами линкбилдинга, чем неуклонно нарушают правила Google.

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    Однако если в начале этого возраст я действительно занялся наращиванием ссылочной массы, то посещаемость снова же после полгода выросла вдвое (будто перед 10000). Тогда даже и я самовластно впечатлился. Начинать да, мне пришлось бесславить себя SEO оптимизацией текстов, покупкой ссылок и т.п. вещами, однако зато есть результат. Вы думаете, сколько всегда это дуто и за уши притянуто? А вот и нет.
    Ужинать у современных поисковиков [url=]продвижение сайта в поисковых системах [/url] такая предмет, якобы учет поведенческих факторов, которая невыносимо четко дает Яндексу и Гуглу информацию об интересности данного интернет проекта посетителям. Однажды я по-прежнему в Топе (первая десятка сайтов в выдаче), то вероятно мой контент пользователям интересен. А ваш контент интересен пользователям?
    Предположим, что желание, только кто его сможет оценить? Вы ведь не признаете, [url=создание-сайтов/]стоимость создания сайта [/url] сколько Сео — это держава, способная привести для ваш сайт обилие посетителей. А это, тем не менее, так. Ваша же дальнейшая (впоследствии продвижения) задача будет состоять только в часть, для обезоруживать этих посетителей (пришедших с поисковиков) качественным и отвечающим для проблема пользователя контентом. Но без Search Apparatus вы не получите такого шанса, во всяком случае сейчас, на текущем этапе развития поисковых систем.
    А вид про то, который одного качественного и нужного контента [url=контекстная-реклама/]контекстная реклама google [/url] довольно достаточно для успешного продвижения и никакой магии не потребуется, капелька опережает свое эпоха, ну или высказывается людьми сведущими, однако не желающими делать излишнюю толкотню в Топе поисковой выдачи и потому вводящими вас в заблуждение.
    Этой статьей я хочу приоткрыть вам глаза для реальное положение дел (как его вижу я) и рисковать привлекать вас для «темную сторону силы» (ведь Seo это не подобный и не постоянно белые методы). Общий работать оптимизацией, вдруг внутренней, так и внешней, нужно непременно с четким проникновение того, который именно вы делаете и к чему это может привести (советую узнавать с моим списком форумов и блогов для оптимизаторов, которые стоит посмотреть). Уже страшно? Хочется всегда бросить и говорить: «ну его для фиг, пусть всетаки идет словно шло»? Тоже выход, только не лучший.
    Продолжу ради тех, кто все же остался послушать, о чем у нас тут поют. Так… Давайте начнем с сути понятия, что же такое Сео, откуда у него растут ноги и как его извлекать в мирных целях продвижения своего сайта. В начале, наверное, будет дождь воды, особенно для тех, который уже в теме, но ради начинающих, думаю, это поможет убрать маломальский сумбур из головы.
    Начнем с каменного века. Интернет формировался словно большая помойка, где наряду с алмазами соседствовали огромные массы гумна. Собственно, он и до сих пор таким остается. Главная проблема как пользователя, так и вебмастера создавшего качественный доход, это встречать доброжелатель друга.
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    Решение есть и его предложили разработчики поисковых систем (читайте о книга, якобы работают поисковики). Они создали площадки (нечто похожее для биржи), где пользователь мог найти ресурсы отвечающие на заданный им вопрос. Только это приговор имеет некоторое ограничение. Реальные шансы на переходы из поисковой выдачи имеют только те ресурсы, которые смогли попасть для ее первую страницу (так называемый Топ 10). А это означает, сколько ранехонько alias поздно после место в Топ 10 начнется спор и эта спор началась.
    Основным же оружием в борьбе за место перед солнцем стало это самое пресловутое Seo (аббревиатура от английского Search Appliance Optimization). По большому счету, это фокус попадания на первую страницу выдачи Яндекса сиречь Гугла сообразно интересующему вас поисковому запросу. Поисковики накануне сих пор не могут предложить какое-нибудь приговор, позволяющее сайтам, находящимся в выдаче существенно ниже 10 позиции, доставать чтобы желание капелюшечку через числа тех посетителей, которые вводят в поисковике интересующий их вопрос.
    Действительно получается, который жизни за Топ 10 нет. Поэтому бокс соглашаться не шуточная и любые методы Сео оптимизации, способные перетянуть чащу весов в свою сторону, используются обязательно. Весь положение много похожа на то, наподобие это было изображено на заглавной картинке в статье про ранжирование и релевантность сайтов в поисковой выдаче

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    [b]Полиэтиленовые пакеты[/b]
    Физические свойства полиэтиленовых пакетов во многом зависят через использующегося в них исходного сырья, а также от формы.
    [url=]пакет с липкой лентой купить[/url], в которых используется полиэтилен с низким давлением, прочен единственно в случае, буде у него высокая плотность. Основным достоинством такого материала является его низкая цена.

    Главным свойством данного материала является способностьияго. Основным же недостатком такого материала считается отлучка эластичности. Пакеты, изготовленные из такого полиэтилена, свободно испытывать сообразно шуршащему звуку и бегло теряющейся внешней привлекательности.

    Производством пакетов из полиэтилена высокого давленияспособно создавать изделия с более высокой степенью эластичности. Тем не менее, прочность таких пакетов отставляет желать лучшего. Разве же в пакетах используется полиэтилен, изготовленный около средним давлением, в них оптимально может сочетаться плотность и прочность полиэтилена.

    Полиэтиленовые пакеты высокого давления (ПВД) эластичнее, однако менее прочные. Пакеты из полиэтилена среднего давления сочетают качества пакетов, изготовленных из полиэтилена высокого и низкого давления – то ужинать они более плотные, чем ПНД и более прочные, чем ПВД. Неоднократно такие пакеты называют «шуршащим полиэтиленом».

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    [b]Фильм[/b] — кино, кинофильм, телефильм, кинокартина — отдельное поделка киноискусства. В технологическом плане фильм представляет собой совокупность движущихся изображений (монтажных кадров), связанных единым сюжетом. Круг монтажный кадр состоит из последовательности фотографических тож цифровых неподвижных изображений (кадриков), на которых зафиксированы отдельные фазы движения. Фильм, будто правило, включает в себя звуковое сопровождение.
    [url=] смотреть фильмы онлайн в хорошем качестве [/url]
    В начале XX века в России принято было тянуть «фильма» (в женском роде), и, исключая привычного нам значения, это слово относилось к киноплёнке.
    Круг человеческой деятельности, связанная с созданием и воспроизведением фильмов, называется кинематографом. Кинематограф включает в себя территория применения фильма словно одного из направлений искусства (киноискусство), (кинотехнику), а также киноиндустрию. Фильмы создаются через записи движущихся изображений окружающего мира с через киносъёмочных аппаратов разве цифровых кинокамер, а также производятся из отдельных изображений с использованием мультипликации иначе спецэффектов.
    [b]Что такое кинематограф[/b]
    Кинематограф (от греч. ??????, род. п. ????????? — движение и греч. ????? — писать, рисовать; то есть «записывающий движение») — отрасль человеческой деятельности, заключающаяся в создании движущихся изображений. Иногда также упоминается как синематограф (от фр. cinematographe, устар.) и кинематогра?фия. Кинематограф был изобретён в конце XIX века и стал крайне популярен в XX веке.
    В понятие кинематографа входят киноискусство — вид современного изобразительного искусства, произведения которого создаются при помощи движущихся изображений, и киноиндустрия (кинопромышленность) — отрасль экономики, производящая кинофильмы, спецэффекты для кинофильмов, мультипликацию, и демонстрирующая эти произведения для зрителей. Произведения киноискусства создаются при помощи кинотехники. Изучением кинематографа занимается наука киноведение. Сами кинофильмы могут сниматься в различных жанрах игрового и документального кино.
    [b]Кинематограф[/b] занимает значительную часть современной культуры многих стран. Во многих странах киноиндустрия является значимой отраслью экономики. Производство кинофильмов сосредоточено на киностудиях. Фильмы демонстрируются в кинотеатрах, по телевидению, распространяются «на видео» в форме видеокассет и видеодисков, а с появлением скоростного интернета стало доступным скачивание кинофильмов в форме видеофайлов на специализированных сайтах или посредством пиринговых сетей (что может нарушать права правообладателей кинофильма).
    Просмотр фильмов является частью современной культуры. Герои популярных фильмов и актёры, их играющие, зачастую становятся знаменитыми, а их образы узнаваемыми. Специально ради массового просмотра фильмов строят кинотеатры. Обычно медленность фильма составляет 90—120 минут (1,5—2 часа). В домашних условиях для просмотра фильмов традиционно используется телевизор с подключенным к нему видеопроигрывателем, в последнее эра постоянно чаще чтобы этих целей служит компьютер. Сейчас особо популярны фильмы про путешествия и приключения.

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    Google has rise out with its picks in behalf of the top [url=]google[/url] Android apps of the year and its choices dominion bowl over you.

    The company published its end-of-year lists highlighting the most skilfully of Google Play, and it rewarded language-learning app Drops with its top honor.

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    [b]Что представляет собой поверка?[/b]
    Перед поверкой чаще только понимается действие, в рамках которой осуществляется испытание соответствия некоторого измерительного прибора (возьмем, счетчика воды) метрологическим требованиям. В случае со счетчиком это довольно верность в соотнесении с объемом измеряемой воды.
    Результаты поверки могут обретаться закреплены в отдельном документе. В случае с тем же счетчиком это довольно свидетельство соответствующего устройства. Поверки, как начало, осуществляются с установленной периодичностью или же быть появлении обстоятельств, предопределяющих возникновение необходимости в них.
    [url=] промтех[/url]
    Разряд проведения многих видов поверок регулируется законодательно. Так, в России затрапезничать раздробительный федеральный правило, устанавливающий нормы, по которым осуществляются соответствующие исследования приборов. Это ФЗ № 102, обыкновенный 26.07.2008 года. В данном нормативном акте приказывать, который поверка — это процедура, в рамках которой выполняются операции, направленные на выявление соответствия инструментов измерений установленным метрологическим требованиям.
    [b]Что представляет собой проверка?[/b]
    Слово «испытание» — очень емкий. Который касается технической сферы, чаще только он обозначает процедуру, в рамках которой осуществляется изучение какого-либо объекта на предмет конкретных качеств, интересующих проверяющего. Например, если это продукт питания, могут проверяться срок его годности, внешний лоск, вкусовые качества. Ежели это измерительный ассортимент — может проверяться его функциональность.
    [url=] поверка счетчиков холодной воды[/url]
    В целом «проверка» — слово более всеобъемлющий, чем «поверка». Проверки бывают очень разными и зачастую не связанными с технической сферой в принципе.
    [url=] стоимость установки счетчиков холодной воды[/url]
    Суть, знать, предпочтение поверки через проверки — степень применимости каждого из терминов. Первое понятие может использоваться фактически всего в одном контексте — метрологических измерений. Испытание — несоизмеримо более емкий термин. Он может прикасаться технической, правовой, научной сфер.
    Коли верстать пара понятия сообразно к некоторой общей области (где и то и другое пить будет корректно), то дозволено отметить, который слово «проверка» соответствует, как статут, существенно менее стандартизованным процедурам в метрологической сфере в сравнении с поверкой. Которая, словно мы отметили выше, может регулироваться на уровне государственных нормативных актов.
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    Отметим, сколько в рамках поверки могут заключаться предусмотрены — в часть числе и для уровне законодательного регулирования — отдельные проверки каких-либо объектов иначе процессов. Предположим, присутствие поверке счетчика инструкцией может присутствовать предусмотрена испытание герметичности соединения прибора с водопроводной трубой тож, возьмем, проверка целостности тех alias иных частей соответствующего устройства.
    То, какие это могут быть инструменты, в соответствии с ФЗ № 102 надо отпускать Начальник РФ посредством издания подзаконных актов. Есть и международные нормы, по которым могут проводиться поверки. Их разработка направлена на унификацию соответствующих измерений в разных государствах, которые активно сотрудничают в какой-либо сфере, где задействуются метрологические измерения.

  16. Rated 1 out of 5


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  17. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been using the the Tech-MCT from a few months now and am impressed with this little bag. After years of using the free bags that were included with my power tools, or bucket organizers and being constantly frustrated because it was hard to find the tool I needed and having to replace the bags every year, I finally found a bag that will stay with me for years to come. I can’t believe the amount of tools I can fit into such a small bag. On top of all that I know that Veto will stand behind the construction of their product, because after two months the shoulder strap on my bag started to come apart at a seam. I sent a picture of the failure and immediately, no questions asked they sent me a new shoulder strap. This is my first bag, but I already have plans to purchase more bags in the near future for the rest of my tools. Sure they may cost more up front, but the savings over the long run well justify the price.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Darwin Hoel

    This toolbag is a very high quality product. I work in an industrial maintenance setting on commercial printing presses. There is quite a bit of climbing involved on steep narrow stairs and ladders over six stories of equipment per press and we have three. The need for a smaller bag is imperitive as is a closed bag that won’t spill easily. While this bag is one of the smaller ones available by VPP make no mistake you can easily overload it to an uncomfortable weight. The larger bags are a deal breaker for my use.
    I use the front side of the bag for mechanical tools and the back side for electrical tools and gear. I find some of the small pockets to be hard to use as they are a bit too small for me. This is a minor quibble and purley personal preference. The extra height is also important for longer tool. The 10” MC is too short. Great product! I’m enjoying the excelent organization of this bag. A few larger deeper pockets on the outside would be wecome .

  19. Eren K

    Fits my M12 impact and all
    Fits my M12 impact and all the basics. Not crazy heavy and we’ll made

  20. Matt C.

    I previously had a veto “LC”
    I previously had a veto “LC” bag that i had inherited from my boss who had it a few years before me and I continued to use it another 4 years, one of the zippers finally gave out after daily use and some admitted abuse, When this happened I decided to get this bag instead for service because it wasnt near as bulky and bit lighter on the shoulder when a customer gets chatty on the way out the door, so far i love it, it holds exactly what i need and nothing i dont. Helps me to keep my tools neat and the bag cleaner inside now that i dont have the extra space for acquired junk/parts/screws and such to float around. Veto makes quality bags and this one is great.

  21. richard

    I recently purchased your
    I recently purchased your TECH-MCT tool bag from your online store after reading about the free TP3B upon purchase, so I jumped on-line and ordered and had it shipped to work. Upon arrival I looked at the bag as a piece of pure beauty, but first things first I took it outback and covered it in sawdust and took it back inside to fill with tools. I managed to get all my tools into it, including my full size claw hammer! Well, not soon after, the 4pm Friday bell rang and and I loaded my brand new TECH-MCT bag into my trunk and headed home.

    Well, Saturday morning came and my wife asked me to go to her sisters house, and look at a leaky Bathroom Faucet. I drank my coffee and set off to survey the damage. Upon arrival, my sister in law met me at the door wearing a sexy revealing night gown and showed me into the bathroom. After a quick moment to trouble shoot I unzipped my TECH-MCT bag to a quiet ‘AWWWW’ sound coming from behind me, she liked what she saw! I reached in, grabbed the channel locks and electrical tape, wrapped the jaws in tape and after a soft twist of the faucet the leak had been foiled. I asked her if there was anything else she needed help with, she shook her head, and replied with a no, and she showed me to the door.

    I loaded up my TECH-MCT bag into my trunk and with a huge sense of accomplishment drove home. Upon arriving at home, my wife met me at my car with an angry look on her face, she went to the trunk and opened it, pointing at my TECH-MCT she asked ‘Where the F did that fancy new bag come from, and how much did that MF cost’. I bowed my head, and began to grovel, I guess the 1/8″ of saw dust did not trick that woman!

    Fortunately, she has not found my TP3B, so good things do come in small packages.

  22. Ben Jennings

    You can fit so much in this
    You can fit so much in this bag. I weighed my old toolbox and it was over 25kg. Actually having somewhere for everything I need has meant that now it’s just over 10kilos. No longer do I have 2 or 3 of every tool, I only have 1 and can grab it without having to root through a toolbox. Saves so much time. The only thing I miss on my old toolbox is the ability to stand on it when I need a bit extra height.

  23. Ben Jennings

    You can fit so much in this
    You can fit so much in this bag. I weighed my old toolbox and it was over 25kg. Actually having somewhere for everything I need has meant that now it’s just over 10kilos. No longer do I have 2 or 3 of every tool, I only have 1 and can grab it without having to root through a toolbox. Saves so much time. The only thing I miss on my old toolbox is the ability to stand on it when I need a bit extra height.

  24. Ben Jennings

    You can fit so much in this
    You can fit so much in this bag. I weighed my old toolbox and it was over 25kg. Actually having somewhere for everything I need has meant that now it’s just over 10kilos. No longer do I have 2 or 3 of every tool, I only have 1 and can grab it without having to root through a toolbox. Saves so much time. The only thing I miss on my old toolbox is the ability to stand on it when I need a bit extra height.

  25. Cshultz14

    Love this bag. HVAC Service
    Love this bag. HVAC Service tech that mainly works on chillers. Wouldn’t have any other bag. My Tech MCT holds pretty much everything other than my large specialty tools. The durability and size make thus bag easy to carry to a roof or into tight spaces. I am a believer in the veto product, won’t buy any other brand.

  26. chause479

    This is by far the best tool
    This is by far the best tool bag I’ve ever had, I work as a commercial service HVAC tech and this is the perfect size bag for service work. It has all the height of the Tech LC but without the big bulky handle and extra width. I currently have 3 Veto bags and I’m waiting on two more in the mail. I’ve got the MCT, MB, and Tech LC. I’m waiting on the Tech Pac and TP3B in the mail. I’m currently using the Tech LC and MB combo out in the field(after getting some more advanced things and needing just a few more tools) and utilizing my MCT at home for misc. woodworking and plumbing until I get my Tech Pac and TP3B in the mail. I’ve always preferred backpacks but the Tech MCT is actually the perfect size and not too heavy, even fully loaded. I’ve had CLC, Klein, Milwaukee backpacks and I was always unsatisfied(with quality, tool storage design, customer service, zippers), my advice to anyone looking at these in comparison to the competition is to just go ahead and shell out a few more dollars and get the right bag from the go, you won’t be disappointed.

  27. gary tong

    I stumbled upon veto bags
    I stumbled upon veto bags just before Xmas and have now owned the mct for couple months, I’m an electrician in uk and like all the other veto bags I use I can’t say enough good things about them The mct is smaller than my back pack but I’m amazed just how many tools I’m able to get inside. The strap is very useful as it can get a bit heavy when loaded lots pockets very well made bag.

  28. Northern 313A

    Have thoroughly enjoyed my
    Have thoroughly enjoyed my Tech-MCT. Able to carry all tools needed for practically any job. Great for winter days on the roof battling the elements as I know my tools will be protected from the snow. Great organization, onlly recommendation I would make is to somehow increase the space of the exterior small pockets as they are very tight and sometimes difficult to reach in for screws or wire nuts or whatever may be stored in them. All in all I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend the bag to any HVAC/R mechanic looking for a top quality tool bag.

  29. GerryR

    Excellent construction; feels
    Excellent construction; feels tough and should hold up a long time. Plenty of room for all the tools I need (I design and service factory automation equipment control systems). This will actually hold long screwdrivers, nut drivers, pliers and has a couple of pockets specifically for meters. The outside pockets hold the tools I use most of the time, like wire strippers, small diagonal cutters, small screwdrivers, etc. The outside pockets would better serve if they were “bellows-style” rather than flat, but they are still useful. Great product at a great price. Finally a bag designed around the tools it is meant to hold; what a novel idea!

  30. Ronald White

    I love the pockets and
    I love the pockets and zippers! I can keep everything in it”s own spot and the two sides are great for separating tool types. I have a bad habit of overloading my tool bags and this one can hold way too much. I have to thin it out every couple of weeks to keep it light. I believe Veto has listened to real trades people about the layout of pockets because I could not have asked for a better bag.Thanks Veto!

  31. MESJA

    Best tool bag on the market

    Best tool bag on the market

    I have for years seen and heard good things about a Veto Pro Pac tool bags. So finally I purchased the MCT and love it. I am all over from roofs to basements doing HVAC I’m able to hold my tools and meters and a 12volt impact driver. I’m able to complete my job with out having to run to my truck for a tool.

  32. Bryan Rouder

    I bought this to travel the
    I bought this to travel the world and fix stuff. So far so good. Love the compactness. Allows me to bring the essentials and little room for some extras. Cant carry on tools but i trust it with baggage handlers.

  33. Ray T

    This is my 3rd Veto tool bag.
    This is my 3rd Veto tool bag. My 1st was the LC and after 10 years of service it’s still in good working order. Looking do downsize so I wasn’t lugging around 50 lbs on my shoulder anymore I decided on the MCT and have been completely satisfied. The MCT seems to be constructed as well as my 10 year old LC. The only thing it seems to be missing is being able to secure the shoulder strap so it doesn’t fall into water when you set it down. Thisbis another

  34. Ken Lindahl

    After going through 3 bags, i
    After going through 3 bags, i finally said enough. Treated myself to a Veto bag. What a treat!
    Everything fits. Not a singe thing that i would change.

  35. Jason kelly

    Money well spent best tool
    Money well spent best tool bag I have ever purchased love everything about it!!! Will continue to purchase veto products in the future and recommend to everyone

  36. D Reed

    excellent tool bag for
    excellent tool bag for Journeyman electrician, carries lots of tools in a very orderly fashion, solved my problem of always hunting for my tools, haven’t had it long..but seems to be a high quality , very well designed durable product. i highly recommend to anyone that demands quality ! not cheap but worth every penny!

  37. Ian

    As an HVAC/R tech I do a lot
    As an HVAC/R tech I do a lot of rooftop work and don’t need a ton of stuff with me. So far this bag holds just the right amount of tools including my drill and iPad. Its easy to find things and the bottom being plastic makes it great when there’s water around. Its also one hell of a sexy looking tool bag.
    Only real issue I’ve got is the flat pockets are too flat to stuff much of my extra small crap into. But I fixed that with small hanging coins pouches and a S-biner of one of the tons of loops on the bag exterior. Thanks for such an awesome bag Veto!

  38. Joe Zittel

    This is my second VETO tool
    This is my second VETO tool bag and love it. These bags are made for the plumbing and heating installers and techs that we are. I would recommend this bag to anyone in the trades.

  39. bmorretta

    This is a review about tools.
    This is a review about tools. Or should I say lost tools no more. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments and reviews about the quality and durability, I want to add some comments about keeping my tools. This bag not only helps me access the tools but it is keeping me from losing tools and meters. The way the bag organizes the tools it is easy to get to the right tool quickly. It is also easy yo see when something is missing. Since putting the bag into service I have not had to replace a tool. And that saves money and time making the cost of the bag worthwhile.

  40. Virginia Williams

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  41. Paul Newton ACE

    i brought the veto pro pac
    i brought the veto pro pac mct about 2 months ago after having wanted one for a while and its so much more robust than i thought its very well made and is tough which a must have when carrying tools in and out of the van on multiple breakdown calls i work in refrigeration and airconditioning and could be from nice clean sites to real unpleasant site the rigid bucket style bottom means its easy to clean the grim from putting it down on filthy surfaces but its not too big to have right by your side and not in your way ill defiantly be saving up for another and can see the veto tool bags replacing my facom pipe bag and parrot electrical case very impressed with the veto product

  42. Chris T.

    I’ve done hvac service for a
    I’ve done hvac service for a while now, constantly spending money on tools and service bags. Most too big and some too small. The Tech MCT is absolutely the perfect size. It has a pocket for every and seems extremely durable. If you want a top quality bag, perfect for service, this is it.

  43. Jimmie TV AV TEC

    I love me some good tool bags
    I love me some good tool bags. I got a Veto XL bag 10 years ago. The bag is still perfect. I am in the Audio video business and this MCT bag is 100% perfect for my needs. Best bag ever. I get stopped on every job site , people love this bag. I do too. Great job on the bag guys. keep them coming. I might move to the back pac next. Also I got the TP4 and that is great too!!!

  44. Greg Rehms

    I’ve been using this bag
    I’ve been using this bag since it’s inception, having previously used the MC. Going back to 2002, my first purchase was the XL, then the LC, the MC, and now the MCT. As a dental equipment service technician (28+ years and going strong!), I’ve gradually whittled down my tool arsenal, as countless others of you have done, to carry that which I need on say, 95% of my service calls. It’s hard to imagine anything better for VPP to create in the future. But if they do, I’ll likely be right in line to purchase it. With a smaller size, it saves on the quantity of tools and very importantly, as one ages, the weight of carrying tools around all day. “Work smarter, not harder” is the line we commonly hear. Even with this weight, I carry it on a pull cart I’ve made, which allows for a parts tray and knee pad as well. Many thanks, to my friends at Veto Pro Pac, for transforming the tool carrier side of my profession!

  45. MickK

    Probably the best tool bag I
    Probably the best tool bag I’ve ever used, and I’ve had quite a few! Right out of the box you can appreciate the quality and durability. There’s a space for just about everything, I have a lot of “come in handy” tools and often don’t have the one I really need to hand, but with this bag you can pack them all in there and be sure you’ll have the one you need on any job. The quality of build and ruggedness is outstanding and will certainly last me for the rest of my working life and surely into retirement. Can’t fault it in any way, well worth the price and I think I may even have to buy another!!?

  46. Lester H.

    This may be the perfect bag
    This may be the perfect bag for an a/c technician. Super tough, plenty of storage, a place for practically everything…I recommend them to all our techs..

  47. Andrew Gordon

    Recently bought this bag
    Recently bought this bag after some recommendations from colleagues. It’s the perfect size for me to carry my plumbing and heating service and maintenance kit and I can leave the rest of the heavy stuff in the van for the installs etc.

    I’ve not had the bag that long but It looks and feels great quality and after having a few poor toolbag/tool boxes from supposedley “quality” suppliers I’m sure it will live up to the expectations I have for it!

  48. Michael

    This was my first veto pro
    This was my first veto pro pac and I have to say im very impressed. I switched from a klein backpack which was okay, but doesn’t compare to these bags. The overall construction/feel is solid and the layout is perfect for everyday tools. The way you can organize and get to your tools very quickly is what I love most about this bag. It definitely wont be my last veto!

  49. Chris Sugg

    Purchased my Tech-MCT about
    Purchased my Tech-MCT about three weeks ago, I cannot be happier with this purchase. This is the BEST bag I have every owned for hvac field work. It holds everything I need in a sturdy comfortable bag that has yet to let me down. I think it’s the perfect size for any job. Maintenance, service, install, this bag can do it all I promise you. I literally take this bag out of the truck on every single call because it’s comfortable and easy to carry. Bottom line you will not be disappointed.

  50. JohnG

    I got this bag because I
    I got this bag because I needed a compact bag that I could fit my meter and screw gun into. It did not disappoint. I got tired of other bags because the bottoms would always start falling apart then i would drop tools out. I hate that. This bag has a hard bottom and its just a great heavy duty bag.

  51. Jarrod Thomas

    Commercial service Plumber
    Commercial service Plumber here. After talking to many HVAC techs who have the MC bag, as well as other veto models. I went to the web site and saw the MCT bag. My thought was, it looks kind of small as well. But I made the purchase, and was completely shocked by the size and the fact it was a fully featured tech bag. The zippers are huge and very heavy duty. I had planned to make it just a diagnostic and testing bag, but I had so much room left over, it has become a complete tool bag that can tackle even the biggest jobs. My meters, manometer , impact drill w/bit case, m12 stick light, 2 more flash lights, wire strippers, pin testers, co2 cartridge , side cutters, couple of punches, extra battery , and head lamp all fits on one side of the bag with room to spare. The other side has 4 channel locks, screw drivers, nut drivers, stuby multi and 11-1 , pipe cutters, demo drivers, plumbing torque wrench, vise grips, five piece precision screwdriver set , to multi racket wrenches, limans, faucet wrench kit, extra flash light, that makes five flash lights in this one bag, Milwaukee bottle openers for the end of the day beer, and still have three pockets empty ready for use. To the plumbers out there that work on boilers and tankless regularly, this bag is a must have. The bag’s versatility Makes it great for all serious professional tradesman out there. Electrician , HVACR techs, welders, locksmiths, IT computer techs, plumbers, pipe fitters , etc. it isn’t possible to list them all because it’s usage is endless. After being so thoroughly impressed by the MCT, I have since purchased the Tech XL, MB2, and CP4 and I’m equally impressed by those as well. If it wasn’t for taking the plunge with the MCT, I would never have given veto a chance. Now there isn’t any other type of tool bag I will use expect a veto for my on the job tool storage. Next up for me is Tech BackPac and can’t wait to get it out in the field.

  52. Jerry Gomez

    This is the best work bag I
    This is the best work bag I have ever purchased. Its perfect for my needs as a Journeyman Plumber. Keeps everything organized and at my readily available time of need. Great bag great company. Well worth the price. My motto has always been ” Get what you pay for” Thank you Veto..

  53. Roaddawg

    This MCT is one tuff bag!!
    This MCT is one tuff bag!! Made by folks who apparently understand the needs of trades people. I like the smaller size of this bag because it allows me to have restraint in the number of tools I will carry. Buy a big honking bag and you want to fill it. Seems logical, until you have to start carrying it around. The size of this bag, encourages one, or at least me, to only carry the tools that I use the most. Example, I used to carry an 8-10 & 12 inch crescent wrench as well as a full set of combo wrenches. WHY?? Because I had the room in my “tool barn” bag. Upon analysis, I found I wasn’t using the crescents and was only using a few of the combo’s. Out of the bag they came. Why carry a full set of nut drivers, if you only use 3 of them 90% of the time? So, if you can get past having to carry every tool you own– this bag is perfect. If not size up to one of the tool barns. I’d still purchase a veto though, because they are made to last. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Cheers.

  54. Bert

    I got tired of replacing tool
    I got tired of replacing tool bags every 8-9months from sun damage and general wear and tear from other bags not being built well. I finally stepped up and got this bag. Whisked I would have done this year’s ago! The bag has a good flow when working out of it and has plenty of storage for a variety of tools.

  55. Chris Wilcox

    I have been using veto bags
    I have been using veto bags for about 15 years. I started with an LC then added a Tech pack when that first came out. I have over the years added the MC, TP3, (2)TP4’s, Meter bag, CP4 and now the MCT. I loved the MC when it came out because of the size. I had a bad habit of over packing the LC and the Tech pack. A few weeks ago I was on this website looking at the new bags and had to have the MCT because of the additional height and the added pockets. I am a regional Maintenance manager for a large chemical company and at this point all of my guys have seen the value of a Veto bag and have jumped on the Veto train with me. The thought and quality that goes into these products makes the purchase price worth it. I mean for me it’s simple you could buy cheaper bags that are ok but not a Veto and replace them yearly or invest in a bag that will last for many years. Every bag I own is on my service van with the exception of the LC which I gave to my father in law to get him started in the Veto family.

  56. Jake

    I initially thought this bag
    I initially thought this bag was a little bit bigger when i ordered it. When i opened the box i laughed a little at the size, but once i opened the bag and inspected the pockets i was impressed at the quality. I was able to fit all my hand tools plus some of my dewalt 12v tools and batteries as well!

  57. Vinny

    I couldn’t believe how many
    I couldn’t believe how many tools I could fit in the tech MCT. Everything’s organized and well thought out, makes finding the tool I need so much faster than searching through a toolbox. The quality from the zippers to the shoulder strap are the best. I’ve set it down in mud and snow and it wipes clean. Also have the XXL F (which I love) but I find myself keeping that one in the truck most of the time and grabbing the MCT.

  58. Robert trudelle

    I bought this bag for work as
    I bought this bag for work as my tall allen wrenches will fit in it. I’m in the heating business and it is just the right size to go into cellars.I have one side set up for my service work wrenches,nut drivers and screw drivers.and a little other things everything for a service and tune up. Everything has it own pocket so now I know right were to go for a tool.other side has small pipe wrench chanel lock.soot smoke tester this is just the right amount of tools for tuneup or service call. I thought of a back pack but I would just fill it with more stuff which adds more weight. I wish I would have found this bag years ago.I have gone thru a lot of tool boxes trying to find the right one. Well I have just found it .this will be my last bag to buy it is build well a I think will stand up well if you want a nice big to hold a good assortment of tools and you go in and out of houses this is it

  59. Robert trudelle

    I bought this bag for work as
    I bought this bag for work as my tall allen wrenches will fit in it. I’m in the heating business and it is just the right size to go into cellars.I have one side set up for my service work wrenches,nut drivers and screw drivers.and a little other things everything for a service and tune up. Everything has it own pocket so now I know right were to go for a tool.other side has small pipe wrench chanel lock.soot smoke tester this is just the right amount of tools for tuneup or service call. I thought of a back pack but I would just fill it with more stuff which adds more weight. I wish I would have found this bag years ago.I have gone thru a lot of tool boxes trying to find the right one. Well I have just found it .this will be my last bag to buy it is build well a I think will stand up well if you want a nice big to hold a good assortment of tools and you go in and out of houses this is it

  60. NL

    The Tech MCT, in my opinion,
    The Tech MCT, in my opinion, is the perfect tool bag! Don’t hesitate to buy this model because it looks small, it really holds a lot. I work in commercial solar installation, and carry a variety of electrician’s tools, and use both my drill and impact driver regularly. I don’t need a meter on a daily basis, so I was very pleased to find that the “meter-side” of the Tech MCT could fit BOTH my DeWalt 20v hammer drill, my DeWalt 20v impact driver, PLUS three 1.5 aH batteries, all of my drill bits and 12″ bit extension. The front “hand-tools” side of the bag had plenty of room for all of my hand tools, and room for a medium size hammer. The reason I think this particular Veto Pro Pac model is the perfect tool bag, over a tool backpack or a larger bag, is the weight. By the time I have filled this bag, it becomes as heavy as I want to reasonably carry around, and I can climb ladders with this bag over my shoulder with no problem. I would rather have another small tool bag to carry those tools I don’t use as often, than add more weight to one tool bag, or try to lift 50 pounds onto my back. My previous tool bags were truly a pain to deal with, as all the tools would just get piled on top of each other. Now when I’m at a job-site with my Tech MCT, I can work more efficiently, as I know exactly where each tool is, and the bag just looks awesome too! Thank you Veto Pro Pac!

  61. Maintenance tech.

    As a Maintenance tech for a
    As a Maintenance tech for a strip Mall with over 50 units this bag was the perfect choice for me. I do a variety of jobs a day including HVAC, plumbing, electrical and more. This bag has cut down on job time and organizes everything perfectly, also holds way more tools then I thought it could and is constructed of quality materials! Definitely will be ordering from Veto pro pac again!

  62. Evan

    This bag is by far the best
    This bag is by far the best tool bag I’ve ever owned. It’s extremely durable and keeps me organized. I’m sure this bag is great for all trades but I do residential HVAC and it’s a perfect match for me.

  63. Steve Harrison

    I have been using the Klien
    I have been using the Klien Backpack for years. After 5 yrs the zipper started to fail and it was time for a new bag. I’ve seen the Veto bags around for a while and thought I’d give one a try. I bought the Veto Tech MTC Bag. I’ve now had the bag for just over a week. The build quality is what drew me to this bag, it looks small but has a surprising amount of room inside. I work in HVAC-R and all my commonly used hand tools fit inside, even my long shaft screw drivers and crescent wrench fit. I Haven’t found a use for the outside pockets yet. Overall first impression is good. 4/5 Would be a 5/5 if it had one large zippered pocket on the outside. I always carry misc screws, caps, nylog and marrets – having a place to put them would be ideal- using a zippered bag shoved inside for now.

  64. JoshColo

    Everything is great. 4th Veto
    Everything is great. 4th Veto bad and only complaint is straps always break at hook with a year…Suggestions would be a business card holder right below handle, Velcro flaps for side tool pouches and a pouch within the main compartments to hold papers and stickers… Hvac guys love putting there logo and dated service details on every piece of equipment. Overall, the bag compliments professionalism and workmanship of the technician. Thx

  65. Tom E

    Just got the MCT very happy
    Just got the MCT very happy with layout and function. The taller bag makes getting tools in and out much easier and there just seems to be more room with all the external pockets. Perfect bag ! Not too big Not to small! Go Vero you won’t be disappointed.

  66. Tom E

    Just got the MCT very happy
    Just got the MCT very happy with layout and function. The taller bag makes getting tools in and out much easier and there just seems to be more room with all the external pockets. Perfect bag ! Not too big Not to small! Go Vero you won’t be disappointed.

  67. Joe yannelli

    Great bags great company
    Great bags great company good customer service but you my never need it

  68. Todd

    Best bag I’ve ever owned!
    Best bag I’ve ever owned! This bag is perfect for small amount of hand tools, meters, and small accessories. The build quality is extremely durable and stout. These are perfect for facility maintenance/HVAC jobs that I do.

  69. Will

    I received this bag as a
    I received this bag as a fathers day gift june of 2016 and during that time was able to gather a point of view that this is the best tool bag for me. The ability to zip close and organize my tools and designate specific areas for storage for easy access and now i can search by memory and not waste time guessing. The platform and ruggedness is perfect for the mobile tech

  70. K Todd Lurty

    Great tool bag, very durable
    Great tool bag, very durable and holds most everything I need. Only one trip into the hot Florida attics is always a plus, very nice lay out on storage space. Yet to loose a tool from falling out of the bag due to the the zippers keeping tools safe and sound. I have been through lots of tool bags over the years and this is by far the best tool bag I have come across. Definitely a great tool bag for any HVAC Service Tech.

  71. Tim B.

    I’ve had my bag for a few
    I’ve had my bag for a few weeks and I love it. It is absolutely perfect for what I need. Like others, I carried around a small tool pouch only. It held just enough tools to crack open an a/c unit to start diagnosing it. Then… back to the truck to get the meter bag.. Then back again for wire nuts.. This bag has plenty of interior and exterior tool pockets and is roomy enough to hold all my gear. It saves me time and money. I don’t worry about it falling over and losing half of my tools in an attic either because of the hard waterproof base. It also has a weatherproof body that I am sure will come in handy when the sprinklers come. Great job VETO PRO PAC

  72. Josh

    I work in the residential
    I work in the residential hvac industry and have used the tech lc for two years. I had some extra room in the bag so I decided to downsize to the new mct. So far I am happy with it I wish it was a little wider. I keep a small container with misc items infront of where I keep my meter and when its zipped I feel it puts stress on my meter. Overall I am happy with the bag it meets all my needs and veto is definitely the best bags I have used.

  73. Justin

    I’ve been upswing the MC tool
    I’ve been upswing the MC tool bag for a few weeks and have loved using it, I get complements all the time on how nice it is and were I got it from, it’s very organized and well built, I would highly recommend it.

  74. Orlando valdes

    very compact, easy to keep
    very compact, easy to keep organized.
    mantein the tools protected.

  75. Blaze Eisner

    Hi my name is Blaze. I am a
    Hi my name is Blaze. I am a HVAC Service Mechanic. First of all I just want to state that all the bags that I use regularly are Veto Pro. I have the Tech Xl, the MB2, the TP 4, the MC, and now the MCT. I ordered my bag through Veto Pro, the MCT. Wouldn’t you know it that a week after I received it my local Sigler dealer started stocking them. I use the MCT as my everyday bag. The reason I purchased it is because my MC was a little too small. I still love it. However in my MCT bag I have most everything that I need for a service call or a routine P.M. I have been using it for over a month now. It still looks smart. I love the beefed up tape measure holder. I have places for all my markers. I use one side for hand tools. I use the other side for my meter, temp. thermocouple, stubby gauges, clip on light, elect. & fitting box, and various tools. Each compartment has a resident except for one. I would recommend this bag for anyone who needs quite a few tools for their job, but does not want to take the whole truck or shop. Plus you can’t beat the warranty. Thank you Veto Pro for your excellent bags. They’re worth every penny!

  76. Thomas Powell

    Used the MC bag extensively,
    Used the MC bag extensively, upgraded to the MCT to accommodate large adjustable pliers and taller meters, and I love it. That combined with my MC, all my needed tools are at my side.

  77. Marty

    I purchased the MCT and it is
    I purchased the MCT and it is by far the best bag I have bought. I had an LC and an MC and this model is the best of both worlds by have storage and being compact. I wish it had the clip for the shoulder strap that the LC does. I would recommend this bag to anyone!

  78. Arjan

    As an electrician I was
    As an electrician I was amazed with the amount of tools that can be stored in this toolbag. And a big + is that everything stays easily accessable. Very robust and durable. One very satisfied user here in the Netherlands.

  79. Ron Grubb/ Alpine A/C & Heating

    I thought the MC bag was my
    I thought the MC bag was my favorite tool bag , but after buying the MCT it is now my favorite tool bag for my everyday service bag the added height is exactly what was lacking in the MC . Thanks for always improving your products Veto!!!

  80. Tony Warren

    Great bag, first Veto Pro Pac
    Great bag, first Veto Pro Pac tool bag I have purchased. Upon first use, seems to be a great bag, helps me keep organized and tidy worksite. Very professional looking and worth the money IMHO.

  81. Oscar

    After 30 plus years in the
    After 30 plus years in the HVAC industry I finally found a bag that can handle the rigorous punishment on a daily basis and still looks good

  82. joshuajglick

    I love the Veto Pro Pac MCT
    I love the Veto Pro Pac MCT bag! The layout is well thought out. I’ve been through several other tool bags, but they either fall apart or I could never find what I wanted, or they were too heavy. I had been using a high end leather tool belt, but I got tired of it flopping over or losing tools when I had to go from my work truck, to a bucket, or derrick truck. With all of my tools, meter, and 18v impact the bag weighs just over 30lbs and is very easy to carry. The layout of the bag allows me to have all the tools I need to install a new electrical service, or work on any high voltage project. This is a quality bag that will last, and well worth the price!

  83. Joel Hazelwood

    Love it, I am a traveling
    Love it, I am a traveling mechanic all over the country and this pac gets me in and out of the plants with minimal trips too the truck. Easy and fast to work out of.

  84. Bruce Wilkinson

    This bag is Legit! Running
    This bag is Legit! Running maintenance and service calls, this bag makes my life a breeze. Vertical storage let’s me know where everything is ever time I reach for a tool. The extra height allows for longer hand tools. This is my first Veto bag, and I will buy no other. Great job guys.

  85. Jim Jones

    This little bag is good for
    This little bag is good for putting an assortment of tools in it for specific assignments. I have a larger bag but it’s so heavy with all of my tools in it and this one works well for putting whatever tools i need for the task at hand!

  86. Elliot

    This is a great small bag
    This is a great small bag that I use for my data gear so I do not need to carry my Tech-XL around for low gear data jobs !
    I recommend this for anyone needed a small light weigh bag!

  87. madkrafter

    This is the perfect little
    This is the perfect little tool bag! I work general maintenance and refrigeration at a unique facility. We have “community tools” available. I got tired of those tools not making it back, in use by someone else or lost in a work truck. I decided to build my own tool bag because of that and the fact that, as a woodworker, I use some specialty tools that my employer doesn’t have. I keep a mix of general tools, electrical and woodworking. The Tech-MCT is compact but packs a punch.

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