“Some of the best investments are tools of one's own trade.”
Tech-XL Wheeler
"In 2016 at age 23, I just moved on from my last job installing synthetic football fields on the west coast. It was time to start something new, choose a career path. I searched Craigslist for tradesman apprenticeships and I was able to land a few interviews with small local shops for Plumbing and Electrical work. The plumbing shop told me I could start on Monday and I’m still with them today. Since then, I’ve earned my Journeyman’s license and backflow certifications. I’m still honing my skills and processes frequently, an easy day is one you didn’t learn anything new. One of my favorite aspects of Plumbing is being able to create systems from an idea and turning it into something tangible and artistic with freedom of expression, within limitations of code. "
"I found Veto products online while looking into high quality, European hand tools (Knipex, Wiha, Wera, PB Swiss etc). I appreciate quality tools made to last that are a pleasure to use, all the way down to my Duluth pants and custom made Frank’s work-boots. Naturally, Veto looked to be a good fit. I love the Wheeler bag because I’m able to keep my tools neatly organized and can easily bring all of them onto the job site and still be readily prepared, even when the job expands. The build quality Veto offers ensures I’ll be able to do that for years without issue. I definitely plan on getting a couple more."
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