Veto History

Roger Brouard, Owner VETO PRO PACWho are you going to trust to design a tool bag? A guy with colored pencils or a guy with a hammer?


After working as a carpenter for over 25 years, I became fed-up with the various tool-carrying devices available on the market. In my view, they all fell short: from metal or plastic boxes to soft-sided mason bags that hold tools in a horizontal pile up. In these configurations, unnecessary tool hunts result in “D & D” (dig or dump) and challenge your patience as you search for the tool you need.

Attempts at improving tool carrying and storing have been made over the years, such as pocketed fabric inserts that fit in and around a 5-gallon bucket. However, the “deep” pockets aren’t deep enough, tools stored in the exterior pockets are exposed making transportation and storage awkward, and a pile up of interlocking tools on the inside hint at the handicaps of the other bags.

Storing the loaded bucket in your truck requires a clear and secure area, and if not wedged or bungeed, “LFT” (Loose Flying Tools) occurs with sudden stops. It can be a real mess especially if the bucket bottom has become a catch all for left over nails and drywall screws. It is because of this long list of frustrations that I created VETO PRO PAC.

-Roger Brouard, Owner VETO PRO PAC.