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Accessories for Your Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag

Now that you have the best tool bag you can get, it’s time to trick it out with accessories. Veto Pro Pac makes straps, handles, and various add-ons to their tool bags.

Lifting Strap

The Lifting Strap wraps around the ergonomic, molded handle of your tool bag. There is a hole in either end so it can be hooked onto something that can lift the whole bag up.

Tech Pac Black Tool Panels

The Tech Pac Blackout has interchangeable front and back removable tool and meter pocket panels. The Tech Pac Blackout Front Tool Pocket Panel has a large selection of pockets in different sizes to hold tools. The Tech Pac Blackout Back Meter/Tool Pocket Panel has large pockets to fit meters in addition to several smaller pockets for tools. The Tech Pac Blackout Laptop Tool Panel has a large pocket to accommodate a small laptop or a tablet.

Tape Straps/Chains

Tape straps and chains connect onto the outside of your tool bag and hold multiple rolls of electrical tape. The Fabric Tape Strap – 8” is ¾” wide and clips onto the D-rings on the outside of Veto tool bags. The Tape Roll Chain is a 6” long welded chain with a swivel hook and a black nickel finish. It clips onto Veto bags, belts or other objects.

Parts Bags

Parts bags store small tools, fasteners, wire nuts, and assorted items to keep them out of the bottom of your tool bag. They come in sets of four. The PB4 Medium Parts Bag is a set of four bags that are 10.5” x 7.25”. One side is 600 denier body fabric which reduces wear and tear. The other side is reinforced see-through mesh which gives clear visibility of the contents. They have YKK zippers and swivel snap hooks. Each one has a different color webstrip across the top. The PB4L Large Parts Bag is a set of four bags that measure 12” x 9” They are constructed just like the medium parts bags only larger. The PB5 Small Parts Bag is a set of five bags just like the PB4 and PB4L but they measure 8” x 5”.

Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps clip onto your tool bag enabling you to carry it over your shoulder hands-free. The Contractor Shoulder Strap is a replacement strap for the closed and open top bags. It will not fit onto the laptop or tech series bags but is perfect for the contractor series bags. It measures 45” x 3”. The Padded Shoulder Strap is a great add-on to the Veto Pro Pac MC, CT-LC, CT-XL, and MB, MB2, TP3, and TP4 tool bags. It does not fit the contractor, tech or laptop series. It is black and measures 42.5” x 3”. The Pouch Strap fits the MC Tool Bag, CT-LC and CT-XL cargo totes and the TP3, TP4, MB, and MB2 pouches. It measures 44” x 2”.

Rubber Handles

Rubber handles attach to the top of your Veto tool bag to give it another way to carry it. The Rubber Handle – Large is a detachable replacement for the Veto Pro Pac TP4 and MB2 pouches. It clips onto small D-rings on the sides of the pouches to help them accommodate heavier loads. It measures 9” x 0.75” x 0.75”. The Rubber Handle – Small fits the TP3 and MB pouches. It clips onto the small D-rings on both sides of these pouches. It measures 8” x 0.5” x 0.5”.

Tech OT-MC Tool Bag Accessories

There are a bunch of accessories to go with the Tech OT-MC. The Tech OT Insert Box is removable and can be positioned in 5 different locations in the center injection molded box. Each box has a rubber cap and the center injection molded box of the Tech OT can hold three insert boxes. This insert box measures 9” x 4” x 2”. The Magnetic Screw-Catcher Cap (Tech OT-MC) fits on the insert box. It is magnetic and will hold onto small metal parts. The Replacement Cap (Tech OT-MC) is a replacement rubber cap for the insert box.

TSA Locks for Your Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac zippers have small metal rings that will accommodate a small padlock. The TSAL is a set of two TSA-approved combo locks. They are made with durable zinc alloy cores and have a patented red alert indicator. The hidden red alert indicator is set when you lock your tool bag. It will then show when your lock was opened by another person such as a US Customs screener using a specific tool to unlock the bag to inspect the contents.

HVAC Strap

The HVAC Strap is a magnetic HVAC manifold gauge holder that lets you hang gauges without trying to find a place to hang them from their metal hooks. It attaches quickly and easily to your manifold gauge and the magnet allows you to hang it on anything metal. This way, you can keep your gauges away from high voltage sources and fan blades and avoid creating a trip hazard with a manifold gauge on the ground. The magnet is coated so it won’t scratch painted metal surfaces.

The Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag Advantage

Not only can you get the best tool bags in the world, backed up with Veto’s limited five-year warranty, but you can get cool accessories for these bags! Check them out all out here. Don’t settle for cheap imitations.

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