"There's no such thing as too many tools."
Tech Pac Blackout, Tech Pac MC Blackout, Tech Pac MC Blackout, MB Hi-Viz Yellow
"I work in the commercial HVAC/R field as a Service Technician. After going to traditional college, I realized that I didn't enjoy sitting at a computer in a cubicle and always enjoyed working with my hands. After researching the different trades, I liked the fact that HVAC included a little bit of each of the trades. I went on a ride-along with a technician and was hooked! I love the fact that there is always something new to learn and challenge you in the field. You can think that you've seen it all but there is always something to troubleshoot and figure out."
"There is no feeling in the world like diagnosing a problem, fixing it, and turning that unit back on and hearing it fire back up. I've always been a tool nerd and have a goal of being a controls technician. I love any and all tools and that includes tool storage. After trying multiple bag and box setups, I finally stopped messing around and listened to my Instagram peers and invested in a Veto Backpack. I was instantly in love with the concept and how the bag could hold all of my tools with ease. I use my MB bag for diagnosing, one backpack for repairs, and one for install. All of the pockets are so useful and I've never had any problems fitting all of my essential tools and more. I can't wait to see what they come up with next and to add more to my arsenal! I talk a lot about tools and am an advocate for encouraging others to get involved in the trades. I have a podcast called "Women Behind The Wrench" geared towards highlighting females in the field. You can see more photos of my Veto setups on my instagram @nerdygirlmechanic"
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