"I really want to see all aspects of this trade and think that would be the best way to learn."
Tech-XL , Tech-MCT, Tech OT-LC, Tech OT-MC, FH-XL,, TP4B , TP3B, Riggers Bag, MB2, CT-XL
"Family is the reason I joined the trade. I first got in the trade when I was expecting my second daughter several years ago with my now fiancée. I was looking for something different to do. Prior to this, I was working in HVAC and I just really wanted a change. I wanted it to be something that I could provide for my growing family. My fiancée, even still to this day, told me to do something that would make me happy even if that meant selling flowers on the street, she would support me. I entered into the plumbing trade and never looked back."
"I like going to work and knowing at some point I will be surprised. Sometimes customers don’t understand or relay the right information which is okay because then they wouldn’t need a plumber. Right? So sometimes things get lost in translation and there goes my surprise for the day! I like being able to help people in their time of need and I love working with my hands."
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