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Tool Bag Comparison

There are a lot of tool bags out there. Here is a comparison of five of the most popular to help you choose the perfect tool bag for your needs. Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Stanley STS70574 Carhartt Legacy DEWALT DG5543 CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Weight 8.8 lb. 15.2 oz....
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tool bags
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The Making of a Great Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac tool bags are designed by Roger Brouard, a carpenter with 30 years of experience making sawdust. Roger created the prototype in 1998. At the time, most tool bags were created by designers not tradespeople. Roger was frustrated with the bags he was trying to use and he...
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tool bag meter tool bags
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Bluetooth Digital HVAC Meters

If you are an HVAC tech, you may be interested in the new wireless digital multimeters. They connect to your computer, tablet, or phone via Bluetooth technology. And they easily fit into Veto Pro Pac meter tool bags. Testo 770-3 Digital Hook Clamp Meter TRMS Wireless in Meter Tool Bags...
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Tool Backpack Comparison

A tool backpack is great for carrying your tools.  You will especially appreciate it if you have to walk a long distance from your truck to the worksite or climb ladders to get to where you need to work.  Here we review five different types of tool backpacks. Veto Pro...
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Tool Storage that Keeps You Organized and Professional

As a contractor, you strive to be on time for every job and be as organized and professional as possible.  It’s not always easy.   Advanced tool storage can help.  For example, you can’t always help being late if a job takes longer than expected or you couldn’t find the...
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The Ultimate Tool Storage

Investing in the best portable tool storage is the solution for any electrician, contractor, DIY enthusiast or any other type of tool using professional.  You want the tools and accessories you use for any job to be well organized and within easy reach.  There are many different types of tool...
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tool backpack
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Veto Pro Pac Tool Backpacks

A tool backpack is a great way to carry tools. They leave your hands free for carrying things you need to install or for climbing ladders. They are also great for carrying tools over long distances. Veto Pro Pac makes eight tool backpacks. They come in small and large sizes,...
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electrician bag
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The Veto Pro Pac TP-XL Extra Large Tool Pouch

The Veto Pro Pac TP-XL Extra Large Tool Pouch is a mid-size full featured tool pouch.  It is a perfect electrician tool bag. It is the right size for installations and service calls.  Veto Pro Pac builds them tough to withstand rugged work conditions. They keep an electrician’s tools organized,...
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best range bag range bags gun bag gun bags
November 4, 2019 0 Comment.

The RB-MC 2 Pistol/Gun Bag: The Best Range Bag Available

Your premium handguns deserve premium protection.  A Veto Pro Pac range bag is the best gun bag for your needs.  It is an excellent way to transport your smaller-framed or compact handguns.  You can also carry all the extra things you need for shooting and handgun cleaning.  Getting to the...
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Best Tool Organizer and Tool Storage Ideas

Why You Should Organize Your Tools Need some tool storage ideas? Tool organization is important for many different reasons: Time savings – First and foremost, good tool storage saves time.  If you are being paid by the hour you cannot waste time looking for your various tools.  The ideal situation...
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