"Always be better, compete with yourself day to day."
MB2 Blackout, MB3, CP4 Special Ops, CT-XL, KP-XL, TP-LC, TP-XXL Blackout, Tech Pac MC Backpack Blackout, EDC LCB Backpack, Tech Pac Wheeler
"My dad is why I got into the trades, and he taught me the work ethic I would need to succeed at work and in life. He started our family business servicing commercial kitchen equipment in South Texas, a business that never slows down. I began as his helper changing out parts on the hot side, but we needed to expand, and now I've been in the HVAC trade for almost 16 years. I love this trade because you constantly see new things and are always challenged. I would never be able to sit still, let alone at a desk all day. I love traveling around town to town, and it never gets boring."
"We need a lot of tools being in the trades and trust me, I've used so many bags in the past, and they never held up or met my needs for storage. I found out about Veto Pro Pac online, seeing techs from other areas using them and raving about the quality. I saw so many options and finally settled on some small bags to try out; I was amazed at the quality, convenience, and thoughtfulness that went into each bag. Now I have so many of them for different loadouts, making my workflow so much easier."
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