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Taking Care of Your Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac tool bags are constructed to work hard. They come with a five-year limited warranty but your Veto tool bag, with the proper care, should last a lot longer. It may even be the last bag you buy. There are two parts to having a long-lasting bag: good construction and good maintenance.

Good Tool Bag Construction

Ergonomic Design

The first thing you will notice about your bag is the amazing handle. It’s over molded rubber grip is comfortable and the injection molded handle is hinged and folds down. A good handle is necessary to comfortably carry a bag full of tools.

Rugged Construction

Your new tool bag is made of PVC impregnated 1200-1800 denier fabric stitched together with industrial strength nylon stitching. It has oversized YKK zippers. This construction allows your bag to stand up to all kinds of workplace conditions.

Patented Center Panel

The heart of your new Veto tool bag is the patented, sturdy center panel. It divides the bag into the two separate compartments and maximizes the storage space. This center panel is attached to the ergonomic handle and stabilizes the bag.

Vertical Tiered Pockets

There are vertical pockets in tiers attached to the center panel. The advantage to this configuration is that all of the tools can be seen at the same time. You don’t have to root around in the bottom of your bag looking for the right tool. At the end of the day, take a glance at your tools and make sure everything has been replaced in its spot and not left at the jobsite.

Marine Grade Rivets and Snaps

Your Veto tool bag has marine grade snaps and rivets designed to hold up to professional use. You can count on them not coming loose or failing.


There are D-rings inside and outside of your tool bag. You can clip accessories like tool pouches, tape clips, and anything attached to a carabiner to your bag.

Durable Waterproof Base

One of the things that makes a Veto bag stand out from the others is the 3mm-thick polypropylene injection-molded base. It not only stabilizes the bag but it protects the contents from wet surfaces.

5-year Limited Warranty

Veto Pro Pac warrants that its products will be free from manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years after the original date of retail purchase from an authorized dealer. Make sure you buy your bag from an authorized dealer. Otherwise, the warranty will not apply.

Good Tool Bag Maintenance

Cleaning Your Tool Bag

  1. Give a good brushing to loosen up dirt and grit.
  2. Use an air hose to blow out the dirt and grit.
  3. Take a small container width warm water and standard household detergent and with a toothbrush, work the solution into the coils followed by working the zipper pull back and forth the full length of the zipper. Use the solution sparingly, it does not have to be “drenched”.
  4. If an air hose is available, blow out left over suds and moisture. The bags are weather-proof but also as a measure of maintenance, we suggest not leaving them out in the rain as they are not fully water proof and water will wick through the zippers.

Cleaning and Lubricating the Zippers

The zippers on your Veto bag need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Zipper coils can get dirt caked inside them preventing them from closing. Save one of your old toothbrushes for cleaning the zippers of your bag. You can even store this toothbrush in one of the vertical pockets! Clean the zippers with soapy water. Blow them dry with an air hose.  Lubricate the zippers twice a year, more if your jobsite is dusty. Silicone spray, beeswax, or a zipper lubricant work well.

Protecting the Zippers of Your Tool Bag

Store sharp tools in such a way that they are not poking into the zippers when the bag is closed. Also, keep your bag away from heat sources. These will also damage the zippers. Cut or damaged zipper coils usually cannot be repaired.

Don’t Fill Your Veto Tool Bag with Too Much Stuff

If you overstuff your bag, the zippers will be under a constant tension which may cause them to fail. If you have trouble zipping your bag shut, there’s probably too much stuff in it.

Your Tool Bag and Your Professional Image

Having a clean, quality tool bag helps with your customers’ first impressions. You project a professional image when you show up with your tools organized and ready to begin work. You also will be more efficient when you don’t have to search for a tool but simply look into your bag, see which tool you want, and grab it.

Contact us with any questions about the right bag for your line of work.

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