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Veto Pro Pac Tool Backpacks

A tool backpack is a great way to carry tools. They leave your hands free for carrying things you need to install or for climbing ladders. They are also great for carrying tools over long distances. Veto Pro Pac makes eight tool backpacks. They come in small and large sizes, the standard style and also a style with a place for laptop or tablet storage. The large standard tool backpacks are available in Hi-Viz orange and yellow. They also come in Mossy Oak and Truetimber camouflage patterns.
The Tech Pac Backpack Tool Bag
This is the standard tool backpack offered by Veto Pro Pac. There are five tool backpacks in this category. They all have the same body but the difference is in the outside fabric. The standard version is gray. There are two camo versions. They have the Mossy Oak and Truetimber patterns. And the hi-viz version comes in orange or yellowUpdate: This tool backpack now comes in black, too.
Veto Pro Pac designed the Tech Pac tool backpack to remain standing upright. It continues to stand upright even when the flaps on either side are open. It has a 3-mm-thick polypropylene waterproof base. This keeps tools safe when you set your backpack down on a wet surface. On top of the backpack is a concealed aluminum hook that allows you to hang the bag up. It has an EVA thermo foam back pad to keep tools from poking you in the back while you are wearing your tool backpack. The handle is a quick-release type that moves out of the way to open the back pocket.
This backpack has 46 pockets inside and out including tall skinny ones on the side of the bag for pens.. There inside tiered pockets are for long and short tools. There is a magnet sewn into the bag lining so you can hold small metal parts there without losing them. Some of the pockets are neoprene which makes them stretchy and able to hold something snug. They hold tools, parts boxes, cordless drills and impact drivers (and their batteries). They also hold manifold gauges, cables, and hoses. There is a 7” x 10” pocket for a tablet or small laptop. It includes four large and five small D-rings, pockets for memory sticks or bit extensions. Mounted on the outside is a tape clip made of stainless steel.
This bag was load tested and the handle failed at 830 pounds! The hook failed at 200 pounds. The handle has YKK locking zippers so you may use a small lock. This is handy for flying. You can use the TSA-approved travel padlocks to lock up your backpack.
There is a smaller version of the Tech Pac Backpack Tool Bag available: the Tech Pac MC Backpack Tool Bag. The larger bag measures 9⅞” x 14¼” x 21½”. This smaller tool backpack measures 8” x 13” x 17”. It has 39 interior and exterior pockets and only comes in the gray. Its smaller size makes it better for techs carrying a small amount of tools or working in smaller spaces. This bag has all the wonderful features of the larger tool backpack.
The Tech Pac LT Backpack Tool Bag
The Tech Pac LT Backpack Tool Bag is very like the regular Tech Pac Backpack Tool Bag. The biggest difference is that it will accommodate a laptop up to 15” x 10” x 1½”. This tool backpack comes in both a large and a small size. The large size has 27 inside and outside pockets. It measures 8½” x 14” x 19½”. The padded laptop section protects the computer. It stands up even with the flaps open. It has the same waterproof bottom to protect your tools from wet surfaces.
There is a smaller version of the Tech Pac LT Backpack Tool Bag. It is the Tech Pac MC-LT Laptop Backpack Tool Bag. It measures 8” x 13” x 17” and has 33 interior and exterior pockets. This tool backpack has a 13” laptop or tablet storage pocket.
The Veto Pro Pac Difference
Veto Pro Pac makes these backpacks with superior materials and construction techniques. This is as expected with all Veto Pro Pac tool bags. They have ergonomically-designed handles. Veto Pro Pac makes them with rugged construction using industrial-strength nylon stitching. They have PVC impregnated 1200-1800 denier body fabric. YKK made the oversized zippers. Every bag contains Veto’s patented center panel. The rivets and snaps are all marine-grade. All Veto Pro Pac tool bags have a five-year limited warranty. Don’t accept cheap imitations.


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