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Tool Backpack Comparison

A tool backpack is great for carrying your tools.  You will especially appreciate it if you have to walk a long distance from your truck to the worksite or climb ladders to get to where you need to work.  Here we review five different types of tool backpacks.

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Backpack Tool Bag Klein Tradesman Pro Tool Bag Backpack Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack CLC 75-pocket Heavy duty Tool Backpack Husky 18-inch Rubber Bottom Tool Backpack
Dimensions (inches) 13×18.75×9 14.5x20x7.25 10x20x10 13×17.5×9 7x16x19
Number of pockets 46 in two storage bays 39 35 multi-sized 75 with hook and loop flaps 11
Dedicated meter pocket Yes
Dedicated laptop pocket 7×10 zippered padded laptop/tablet pocket none Separate protective 15.6 laptop/tablet sleeve Sleeve within one of the zippered sections Large sleeve for tablet
Fabric thickness Highly durable, robust body fabric 950 and 1250 denier PVC impregnated nylon, outside 2 pocket fabric 1800 denier impregnated fabric 1680 denier 1680 ballistic fabric Durable ballistic polyester fabric 600 denier
Colors Black,  Grey, Camo, Hi Visibility (orange and yellow) Black with orange interior Black with red accents black red
Straps Padded padded Padded load-bearing harness padded padded
Can fit cordless drill Yes
Can fit 12” hammer Yes
Zippers YKK

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Backpack Tool Bag

Weighing six pounds empty, this bag has a 3-mm molded propylene injection molded plastic base. The base is the bag’s foundation. Not only does it allow the bag to stand up and not fall over, it keeps the elements out and away from the tools. The plastic base also provides impact protection to the tools and sensitive meters inside if the back is dropped. It has an 8-inch electrical strap to keep your colored rolls of electrical tape handy. This bag has centrally located vertical tool storage. The center partition makes the pack stable, when sitting on a floor, because the center of gravity is… in the center. The other bags tend to fall over especially when opened. The center partition also provides 2 compartments; front and rear which provides more clear visibility and access to every tool packed. The bag is just as stable when open as when closed. Vertical storage is the equivalent of ‘stadium seating’ for your tools – everything is in view. This bag is comfortable to carry with its extra-wide padded shoulder straps, EVA back padding, and molded rubber ergonomic grip handle. The Veto Tech Pac is waterproof and heavy duty as well as compact and reliable. You can carry over 50 tools in vertical pockets so there is no rooting around looking for the right tool.  The spacious interior is perfect for cordless drills or other bulky items. The bag has rigidly attached handles and anchored shoulder straps. The handle is physically attached to the center partition where all tools and meters are secured. The shoulder straps are also anchored into the handle system. This provides a more stable carrying system as the load is evenly distributed and zippers are not stressed by the weight of the cargo.The quick release metal hasp makes the back storage area easy to access. This bag comes in different colors including Mossy Oak Break-up Country camo and high visibility shades. There is also a smaller version available.

Klein Tradesman Pro Tool Bag Backpack

This bag weighs six pounds when empty. It has a hard molded pocket in front that is perfect for storing safety glasses. The front zippered pockets are good for small tools and valuables. The taller length of the interior pockets makes these sections good for storing long screwdrivers. The full molded bottom will protect the bag from moisture on surfaces it is resting on. This bag is well designed, slim and compact, and comfortable to carry with padded shoulder straps and carrying handles. The longer length makes it good for storing long handled tools. There is double stitching in stress prone areas. The orange interior promotes visibility.

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack

This bag has easy tool access. The flat bottom allows it to stand without falling over. It is lockable. This bag has a good amount of storage and it is strong and durable. Plastic protective coated bottom provides water resistance. The padded load bearing harness with a sewn chest strap makes for even weight distribution. The front pockets fold down to make it easy to see everything in that compartment. It has an attractive design with an easily accessible pocket.

CLC 75-pocket Heavy Duty Tool Backpack

This bag has a separate pocket for your cordless drill.  It has padded shoulder straps and two padded handles. There are 75 pockets in 6 zippered compartments. It is made of sturdy, strong ballistic fabric and is equipped with a plated back. There is a plastic, multi-compartment tray in the bag for small hardware items. The zippers are heavy duty.

Husky 18-in. Rubber Bottom Tool Backpack

This bag is good for homeowners and hobbyists who don’t use their tools often. It has a waterproof, non-marring base to protect the contents from moisture and protect the surfaces you set the bag on from scuff marks. The backpack straps make it possible to carry tools while safely climbing a ladder into the attic or onto a roof or other high structure. There is also a pro version made of heavier fabric.

How Often Do You Want to Replace that Tool Backpack?

One thing to remember when purchasing a tool backpack is how well it is constructed. A cheaper backpack may seem like a great idea now but when you have to buy a new one every few years, you quickly end up spending more than if you had purchased a better one in the first place.

The Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac is a great bag that will last many years, possibly until you retire.Veto bags were designed for tradespeople, by a tradesman. Do yourself a favor and get a bag you won’t regret purchasing. Your tools are valuable, keep them safe.  And don’t settle for cheap imitation Veto tool bags.

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