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Tool Storage that Keeps You Organized and Professional

As a contractor, you strive to be on time for every job and be as organized and professional as possible.  It’s not always easy.   Advanced tool storage can help.  For example, you can’t always help being late if a job takes longer than expected or you couldn’t find the address of your next job assignment.  Technology has certainly helped.  Cell phones allow you to call your next customers to let them know your timeframe.  Navigation is a huge help with finding those out of the way addresses and save you immense amounts of time, so you don’t get lost.  Advanced tool storage – whether it’s a tool backpack, tool pouch, or tool bag – is also a great innovation that not only keeps you organized but also keeps you looking professional.


Organization Saves Time & Money

From an efficiency standpoint, time has always been money for contractors. Any means to improve field service productivity can lead to a higher level of profitability and customer service.  You want to be on time as much as possible to keep your customers happy.  And when you’re on time, you can get more work done.  When you have a tool bag that keeps your tools organized between jobs, you are able to transition from each work assignment that much easier.  You can organize all the tools you need for the day into one tool bag.  If your jobs for the day require different types of tools for each assignment, you can organize everything in the morning by having a different tool bag for each assignment, so you don’t have to reorganize after every job.  

For example, you can have a tool backpack for jobs requiring more tools or tools that are heavier, making it easier to carry everything at once.  Tool pouches are great for smaller jobs as they can be worn on your belt or are small and lightweight to carry.  You can separate your tools for each project.  By doing this, you can reduce the number of tools you are carrying.  You then know that you have exactly what you need in each pack. This also saves time, so you don’t have to reorganize your tools when you get back to your work vehicle.  Each tool backpack or tool pouch can then just be a grab and go situation for you. 

As your tool storage options help you stay more organized throughout the day, the more efficient you are able to operate which saves time and money.  And the result is that you have very happy customers as well.


The Functionality of Tool Storage

Although most tool bags serve as tool storage solutions, most aren’t terribly functional.   They often cannot stand up to the rigors of the daily job site use and require a technician to constantly search for tools.  At Veto Pro Pac, tool bags are designed to address Roger Brouard’s (the company’s founder) frustrations with the many tool bags he used during his twenty five years working as a carpenter.  In 2002 Veto Pro Pac revolutionized the tool bag industry and launched its professional grade tool bags with heavy duty patented center panel designs and tiered vertical storage compartments.  Veto Pro Pac’s tool bags are all extremely durable while being lightweight, so there isn’t any unnecessary added weight to the tools you are already carrying.

On the image factor alone, customers are keenly aware of the appearance of their service provider.  This includes a technician’s tool bag.  Service contractors should invest in their technicians and provide them with professional grade tool bags that send a message to customers that they are dealing with a top notch company and technicians.   A technician that appears organized and also gives a more professional image.  When you have to run back and forth to the truck to retrieve forgotten tools or tools that didn’t fit in your bag, you appear unorganized.  Also, when everything is organized in a tool pouch or backpack, you don’t waste time on the job searching for a tool.  Having a put together appearance and functionality of your tool bag will serve you well when it comes to customer service.  A customer is less likely to get frustrated when you are organized and not wasting their time and money because you are busy getting organized after you’ve arrived.


Organizing your tools in the best mobile form of tool storage promotes the utmost convenience for you while giving you an easier time while you are at the worksite. Tool storage is essential to keeping your tools organized, so you have everything you need when you need it and you aren’t wasting time looking for something. It is much easier for tools to come up missing when they lack a dedicated space for storing. It is also much more difficult to complete projects when you have to spend extra time searching for one specific tool. Decide which options of tool storage are best for you and your work -tool backpacks, tool pouches, or other tool organization and you will make your upcoming projects and work assignments much easier.  

Having an organized appearance also gives a professional image.  Regardless of the tool storage option that you choose, having everything you need, in an organized manner makes your job more functional, efficient and you look and appear more professional.

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