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Bluetooth Digital HVAC Meters

If you are an HVAC tech, you may be interested in the new wireless digital multimeters. They connect to your computer, tablet, or phone via Bluetooth technology. And they easily fit into Veto Pro Pac meter tool bags.

Testo 770-3 Digital Hook Clamp Meter TRMS Wireless in Meter Tool Bags

This meter has real-time power measurements in watts, power factor, and a bluetooth connection.  There is a hook clamp on the top of the meter that can separate and grab individual wires.  The Testo app creates custom reports including graphs, data, and photos which can be saved or emailed.

Fluke 4695814 902 FC Wireless True-RMS HVAC Clamp Meter with Bluetooth

The Fluke 902 has capabilities to take numerous types of measurements necessary for HVAC systems.  Capabilities include microamps for testing pilot light sensors, resistance up to 60 kΩ, AC current and AC/DC voltage, capacitance, and contact temperature.  Measurements can be transmitted to a smartphone or a tablet. This tool will allow you to avoid high voltage/current panels by placing the clamp to an energized panel, closing the panel and moving somewhere safe, re-energizing the panel, and taking the measurements.  Simply  de-energize the panel to retrieve your meter. This tool integrates with other Fluke Connect tools.  You can create and share reports by email and use ShareLive™ for video calls or email with other colleagues.

Redfish iDVM 550 Wireless BlueTooth Power Clamp Meter

This meter uses Bluetooth Low Energy and can measure AC current, AC/phase/power factor, and non contact voltage.  You can measure AC volts, AC amps, system kW and power factor on everything from capacitors to compressors.  You can determine the EER on an AC system. Works with the collected data using MeasureQuick or the Supco® TechLink™.

Fluke 3000 FC

This multimeter transmits measurements to a computer with the Fluke pc3000 FC connector or a mobile device using the Fluke Connect app.  It can also communicate with other Fluke wireless meters.

Extech MM750W: Wireless Datalogging CAT IV True RMS Multimeter

This wireless datalogger has 14 functions.including non-contact AC voltage detection and type K temperature measurement.  The Bluetooth Datalogging Module allows data transfer to the ExView® W-Series App on smart devices in real-time. It has a 15K storage capacity.  The app allows you to generate reports and analyze data while adding notes, readings from the meter, and photos from your phone. You can also use the screen on your phone as a remote display of the screen on the meter.

Meter Tool Bags for Your Spiffy Wireless Meters

Veto Pro Pac has three different sizes of meter bags. They all have the same sturdy construction and a place to store a meter as well as the tools and parts necessary to get a job done without dragging your entire tool bag with you.

  • MB Small Meter Tool Pouch – The MB tool bag holds 1-2 meters, multiple hand tools and clips on to another Veto tool bag’s tape clip or D-ring. It contains 10 pockets of various sizes. This small bag is perfect to unhook from your larger bag when you only need a few things that are close to the job.  Just take this small bag with you and leave the large one in your truck. This bag is also available in the Mossy Oak Break-up Country pattern.
  • MB2 Tall Meter/Tool Pouch – The MB2 tool bag is a taller version of our MB tool bag that holds taller meters, analyzers and repair tools. It has 10 interior and exterior pockets of various sizes. On the outside of the bag there is a belt clip to clip it on your belt or your larger tool bag. There is a belt slot if you want it to stay attached to the belt. There is also a plastic nylon clip and an electrical tape strap. There are two meter pockets. It has a detachable rubber handle and there is a shoulder-strap that can be purchased separately. There are two D-Rings and bit extension pockets. Interlocking YKK zippers can accommodate a small padlock. This bag can function as a meter bag or a tool bag. This bag is great if you want to get into a small space or have a way to walk from your truck and don’t want to carry your large tool bag with you. The height of the bag allows for longer meters to be stored safely. It is also available in the TrueTimber Kanati Pattern.
  • MB3B Meter Bag – this bag has 14 inches of vertical storage space and can hold two or three meters. This bag has one storage bay that can hold up to three meters. It has seven outside vertical tool pockets and one large front Velcro flap lead pocket. On the backside, there is a padded tablet pocket that will fit an iPad, an iPad Air (the 9.7″ version), or a Samsung Tablet.  Inside, there is a padded, thermoformed insert with an adjustable partition that can be removed for easier tool access.  This bag has a padded shoulder strap and a polypropylene plastic base for moisture and abrasion protection.  This base allows the bag to stand up by itself. There are three webbed attachment points on the backside of the bag.
  • TP-XL Large Tool Pouch – If you need even more space, or prefer not to have a separate tool bag, this bag is larger than the meter bags.  It has pockets inside that will hold meters as well as tools, fasteners, and wire nuts.  It is one-sided and has a flap that closes over the whole bag.  There is a tablet pocket on the back that will hold an Ipad, an Ipad Air (the 9.7” version), or a Samsung Tablet. This bag boasts 23 internal and seven external pockets as well as a magnetic screw catcher.  It has an overmolded rubber grip and a padded shoulder strap. There is a “hang-up” hook on the back.  It has interlocking YKK zippers that can be locked with a small padlock and a polypropylene plastic base for moisture and abrasion protection.  The base allows the bag to stand up by itself.

Veto Pro Pac Meter Tool Bags Construction and Guarantee

Veto Pro Pac tool bags all have a renowned rugged construction and a five-year limited warranty. You don’t want to be continuously buying tool bags when one wears out. And you definitely don’t want your tool bag giving out on the job.  Veto Pro Pac bags are the best in the industry.  Don’t settle for cheap imitations.

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