"I've always enjoyed working with my hands and fixing things. Because of this, I got my start into the electrical field when a family friend asked for my help with some service work. That turned into me being the second person in a 2-man crew."
"Focusing mainly on service work, I quickly started learning how electrical systems function in order to solve problems. A year later, my boss decided to move to NY, leaving me to find other work. I was very quickly able to start working for an electrical contractor doing commercial remodeling due to my previous bosses recommendation."
"I now work for a company that covers a wide array of electrical work. From new residential builds to commercial remodeling, industrial installations and even data communication. Working as an electrician has been a very fulfilling experience for me. Adding to the enjoyment of my work is staying organized. That's where Veto Pro Pac Toolbags come into play. These have hands down been the best tool bags I have ever used. They are rugged, offer great tool capacity, and are designed with true tradesmen in mind. They overcome many of the pitfalls that plague many other toolbags. Now that I own them, I cannot imagine work without my Vetos. I look forward to being able to add even more to my collection as I continue in the electrical field."
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