"A good and sturdy tool bag is an essential component of my job."
"I am an Instrumentation & Electrical Supervisor (I & E) that works in the Oil & Gas industry. I have been in this current trade for over 20 years now. Was previously a welder in the same field. I work primarily offshore in the Gulf of Mexico but also do work on land all over the United States. My work takes me inside many gas plants and refineries as well as in some of the most remote areas known to civilized man. My job is a technical one, so it requires that I have a multitude of various small tools to work with in order to do my job effectively and in a reasonable amount of time."
"A good and sturdy tool bag is an essential component of my job. One that allows me to store many various hand tools with the ability to readily get to them is a must! A tool bag that protects my tools is also very important. I carry with me 1000’s of dollars of my own personal tools needed to do my job. Without my tools I cannot work. The right tool can make or break a job ……. depending on whether, or not you have it. I have owned possibly every tool bag on the market! From the cheapest to the most expensive! All in search of the right one that could give me all I need and want. Veto ProPac tool bags achieve this by far and with style! I could have chosen the regular style tool bag but why not get something snazzy for just a few extra dollars has always been my motto. I mean you wouldn’t buy a Corvette without air-conditioning…… would you? The multiple pockets to hold all my wrenches, screw drivers, nut drivers, channel locks, tubing benders, tape measures, meters, etc., etc. is fantastic with these bags. They even have the option of letting you customize your own pockets! Nobody does that but Veto ProPac! The quality is worth every dime spent! Oh yeah…. and water resistant also! It just doesn’t get any better! Only to put the cherry on top of this, it comes with a 5-year warranty!"
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