"Performing a correct diagnosis ensures an effective job."
Electrician & HVAC
Tech Pac, TP4, MB2, Tech-MCT, Tech Pac MC, CT-XL, TP3B, CP4, Tech XL, MP2, PB4L, PB4 and PB5
"In 2008 I started working as a rookie electrician in a power distribution company in the city of Rosario. My job is the maintenance of electrical control and protection systems. In this company it is crucial to understand and quickly resolve the problems to reconnect the electric power service to the customers. Then, 4 years later I finished my degree studies in Electronic Engineering. Today I carry out engineering tasks in installation projects and maintenance planning of new equipment for control and protection systems in power substations based on the latest technologies in the market."
"7 years ago I called a technician to install my first brand new split system. Because he installed it wrong, I decided to reinstall the equipment on my own and it finally worked correctly. At that moment I realized that I discovered my passion in air conditioning systems. My true vocation is to diagnose and quickly solve the problems and challenges that arise every day in air conditioning systems. Due to the large amount of tools and instruments necessary for this work, the VETO bags gave me the solution that I did not get with the previous bags. Finally, I was able to organize my tools in the most convenient way and be able to perform individual tasks quickly such as diagnosis, maintenance, repair and installation."
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