I work hard for my money, and I expect the equipment I spend it on to work just as hard for me."
Tech Pac, 2 CT-LC's, HB-XL, Tech LC, OT-MC, TP3B, TP4B, XL
"My dad was a branch manager for an electrical distributor and my mom was an account manager. My dad found me work with a local contractor, and instantly I was drawn to the process of taking the "raw" material and turning it into a working system that the customer was happy with and I was proud of. I also really enjoyed the ability to "talk shop" with my parents and how the trade brought our relationship closer than ever."
"Now, eighteen years later, and I'm still drawn to the trade, and the process of making electrical systems from start to finish. I'm proud of what I do and look forward to teaching my children one day. That way, they'll have the ability to pursue a career in the electrical trade if it's right for them as well. "
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