"As tradespeople I think it's important to never stop learning and strive for excellence in everything that we do."
Maintenance, Repair, Installation & Electrician
Tech-LC, Tech-MCT, MC, TP3B
"I'm a Dual Trade Industrial Electrician and Instrument Technician working as part of a Maintenance team in an Iron Ore Sand Mine in New Zealand. The maintenance work we do ranges from residential electrical through to complex industrial process control, every day poses a new challenge which makes my job very interesting and satisfying."
"I had all but signed up to go to university when one of my family members convinced me to apply for an Electrical/Instrumentation Apprenticeship at the local mine instead, I was selected for the role and have enjoyed being in the industry for over 15 years now. I have always been fascinated with how things work and problem solving, which turns out, is the majority of my job. We have to work quickly and efficiently to minimise downtime during plant breakdowns, so that's where having the right tools for the job becomes very important. I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" and will always choose quality over price."
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