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Zipper Lubricant
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Zipper Lubricant

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Zipper Lube. Like a good tool, a little maintenance is beneficial to the life of the bag. With maintenance in mind, the zippers on our bags are the mechanical link to access your tools and an occasional application of a zipper lubricant goes a long way in the performance of the zippers over time.


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1 review for Zipper Lubricant

  1. Bob L

    I was at first concern about
    I was at first concern about spending this much for a tool bag, but when I got home and started loading my tools in it and realize every tool I need plus room for more fit in there and be extremely organized not stacked on top of each other and digging for the tool I need, and knowing where every tool is at a glance by first though this is unbelievable for a tool bag and I have 58 lbs. of tools in it and it’s so balanced that you won’t believe this bag weights that much when carrying it, plus it don’t feel like something on the bag going to break with that much weight in it, if your on the fence about spending extra on this bag, Jump off and get it, you will not be disappointed, in fact this bag will surprise you on what you will be able to fit in it. it took me about 2 weeks to pull the trigger and buy it, there’s no buyer remorse here. Thank you!!

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