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Set of 3 Veto Pro Pac Stickers

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Set of 3 Veto Pro Pac Truck Decals.

Decals peel off from behind, allowing easy application to your truck or anywhere you have a hard, flat surface.


Set of 3 Veto Pro Pac Truck Decals

Veto Stickers:

  • Great way to show your Veto pride
  • Comes in three different colors
  • Looks great on your truck, boat, SUV, and anywhere else
  • All decals measure 4.5" x 4.5 "
  • Comes with decal sleeve: "We don't recommend slapping these on your mother-in-law"


  1. Clean surface with window cleaner, denatured alcohol, or soap and water
  2. Allow surface to dry before application
  3. Position the sticker on the surface and adhere one edge of the sticker to the surface
  4. Smooth over the decal using a credit card and be sure to gently force out any air bubbles under the surface as they occur.

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  1. jesse james

    Great bag holds everything i
    Great bag holds everything i need for heat or a.c calls

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