"I aspire to inspire more women to join the trades."
"Growing up, I was often told to go to college and get a degree so I wouldn’t have to work a labor job. After a couple years of taking courses at my local community college, I decided it wasn’t for me and I spent some time waitressing and working some other jobs, all while looking for a new career. I started looking into joining the trades and soon realized how proud I would be of myself if I learned how to do electrical work. So I became an electrical apprentice! Soon to be a certified electrician! I couldn’t be happier with my career choice. I now get to train on the job & get paid while I learn. My education is covered through my apprenticeship & the best part is no student loans!"
"I love that my trade is constantly changing, I’m never working on the same task for too long. I enjoy being challenged and I am often learning new ways to do the same job differently. One of my all time favorite things about my trade is seeing all of the lights I worked on finally turn on when power comes on in the building. Knowing that I was a part of the process and seeing how the whole job-site comes together with a part of my work is such a satisfying feeling. I came to know about Veto Pro Pac from a guy I was working with out on the job-site. He very proudly showed off his TECH PAC WHEELER. He talked about how it is such a great quality bag and how it fits all of his necessary tools to get the job done! I started small with mine but am definitely working my way towards getting me that bag soon!"
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