“Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”
TP3, TP4, TP5B, MP1, MP2 x2, Tech Pac MC, TP-XL, DR-XL, MB, MB2, MB3, CP4, FH-XL x2, KP-XL
"Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Mechanic by trade. This journey began in 2007 where I attended a 3 year Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program at Humber College in Toronto. I was hired by the company Northern Air Environmental Technologies 2 weeks before I finished my college program. I have now been working for this great company 11 years now. I am a service technician that typically looks after commercial HVAC equipment including small refrigeration in both the food and process industries. I love everything about this trade, the fact it is very multi faceted in that I get to work on the electrical, plumbing and even rigging side of this trade. I have always had a constant thirst for knowledge and feel as though Refrigeration constantly challenges me in many different ways."
"I hope to see continued growth, from men and women in all trades. The trades are an essential part to our infrastructure. We are the unsung heroes that maintain the mechanical and technological balance in behind the scenes."
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